View Full Version : First Road Race 2011

04-03-2011, 04:14 PM
A rite of spring. It's a fundraiser in Toronto for prostate cancer. Harry Rosen Spring Run Off- over 2,000 runners in the 8k and another 2,000+ in the 5k. I did the 8K.

It was a cold, clear, sunny morning. 0C. NW winds @ 28kph. This wasn't so bad because a lot of the wind was buffered by the trees in the park.

My goals for the race were 1) to not go out too fast (a fatal faux pas of mine), 2) PB the course and, 3) my stretch goal of potentially finishing under 40.The fastest I have done this race was in 2008. My time then was 42:50. Last year, it was an abysmal (for me) 44 something. This year, I PB'd in 40:32. Happy, happy, happy!!!! I've worked hard over the winter to lean out- I'm doing paleo for my nutrition, given up CrossFit (the anaerobic met cons did not fit with the aerobic needs of racing) - but I do use CF for strength stuff, yoga, TRX, hydration, and focusing closely on recovery post workouts and plenty of rest. It's so sweet when everything comes together. This race goes into the bank of positive experiences that I can draw strength from when the chips are down.