View Full Version : Is there no end to this bicycle repair madness?!?!?

10-12-2005, 10:54 AM
So, I fixed my rear flat, checked out everything this morning for my ride, and now it seems as though my chain is rubbing the front derailleur. I took off the rear wheel, re-mounted it, and same problem. Also, it sounds like the gear has not completely shifted although I can clearly see that it has. After 4 hours of mounting/dismounting, searching sites online for possible answers, lots of grease on my hands/clothes, I'm still unable to alleviate this problem. The second time I had taken it in for the flat check, the same thing happened and I told the mechanic about it. He said the rear wheel was not on tight enough. I mean, what is tight enough for goodness sakes?? I watched him, and with my handy dandy Bicycle Maintenance and Repair book I believe I've done everything to the T. So, I've been unable to ride today, I'm miserable because I've spent most of the early day working on it, and now, I have to take it in to the shop.

Oh, and did I mention I broke two fingernails today in the process?!?!?!?


10-13-2005, 10:50 AM
well I think you should take the day off for the broken fingernails hun! ;) As for the bike:
If the mechanic says the rear wheel isn't tight enough - then ask him to please show you how to tighten it. Also, does he test ride it when he's done working on it?? Not only does my LBS guy show me what he's doing, but he test rides Every bike he works on before he lets it out of his work area. (and I gotta tell ya....seeing a 6' bear of a guy riding my itty bitty 50 frame with the seat and stem all the way down is hilarious!!) Ask him to take it out for a ride before you have him look at it, and then after he's done. See if that helps any.