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08-31-2010, 06:06 PM
Hey all. We're travelling from Australia to Rotorua in October & bringing our mountain bikes with us but are having problems finding car rentals which have bike racks or carriers. Can anyone tell me how everyone gets around this as I'm sure plenty of people travel with their bikes? Do they just hire station wagons or vans and try not to get too much mud and dirt in them?

09-01-2010, 02:33 AM
Chickpea, are you going to be stationed mainly in Rotovegas or travelling round afterwards?? Reason for asking is..you can bike from town to Whaka, it's only 5k's..That is unless you're doing some sort of enduro of course ;).

otherwise, yep most folks just rent a campervan-cheapest one i know of in Aust/NZ is Wicked campervans(you know the ones with the odd graffiti on them..)


09-01-2010, 03:48 PM
We are staying in Rotorua & where we're staying is only a short ride from the Redwood Forest tracks so once we're there shouldn't be any need to transport the bikes. We're flying in & out of Auckland so it would mainly be getting them from there to Rotorua and of course then they'll be boxed up anyways. So I think we'll go maybe with a 4wd wagon which can fold down the back seat. First trip to Rotorua for both of us so very exciting!! :p

09-01-2010, 05:52 PM
Can you get an internal flight from Auckland to Rotorua??

Oh..btw..If you have time to play in Auckland and have a rental vehicle, venture out to Woodhill.. If the weather clears up, try the Hunua farm track/challenge track.

We're heading to Rotovegas in the near future (my dear's family is there) and def takin our bikes!! The trails are super duper fun :cool: :)

DOn't forget to visit The Fat Dog Cafe :D

09-03-2010, 11:23 PM
Mmmm, Fat Dog. My husband and I ate there three times over a 24 hour period when I was there for the marathon last year!

04-06-2011, 12:47 PM
backpacker sleeper vans will put bike racks on the roof, but sounds you don't need a camper van if you're just staying in Rotovegas. I'd go the station wagon option.