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04-19-2010, 10:17 PM
For DH.

Comfort will be important, but what I'm interested in knowing is this:

He's heavy, and likes his Speicalized Expedition Comfort Beast. It's got one of those squishy shock absorbing seat posts. He goes through saddles fairly quickly. The rails "collapse" and not necessarily evenly -- end of last season, he was listing seriously to the left.

One of his friends and I are working on the erroneous belief he has that squishy is good, but I would also like to find a saddle that can handle his weight, if that makes sense? Or, is it something different about the way his butt fits the saddle that's causing this wear situation that I've not read about before?

(could this be related to the shock absorber seat post?)

Ooh, and another question: he seems to want the saddle back farther than it goes these days. Could he use an offset post, or is that not a good idea in this case?

Also important, particularly to DH: He will NOT want to spend a lot of money on the next -- or the next -- or the next saddle! I'd like to get him to have a fitting, but just like the price of the saddle, I have a bad feeling about getting him to do this...

Karen in Boise

04-20-2010, 06:13 AM
Karen, you might posting this on bike journal, there's a whole group of "Clydesdales" big heavy cyclists.

04-20-2010, 07:02 AM
My hubby is 6'2" and weights 250. He LOATHES big, squishy saddles. Earlier in my cycling days I thought gel and big were good, too. Enter my Specialized Jett...I love that firm, narrow saddle. It's SO much comfier.

Does he not get sore "bits" on his cruiser saddles? I cringe just looking at those things.