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02-11-2010, 03:45 PM
Hi! Maria from Sweden here!

New to this site, and hope i will get comfy here.. :)

I'm having a quit "unusual" question.. Hope this is right forum for this kind of post!

The reason why im asking, is that me and my boyfriend are collecting sports memorabilia from all over the world, with all kind of designs and colours!

We are doing this to motivate kids, young people and even our friends to doing sports and adventure activities instead of using alcohol and drugs.
We are visiting schools as often as time is giving, and hope this will
result in positive energy.

We either frame the memoribilias or dressing up dummys in sport clothing
while we are out in schools and trying to motivate kids to take the healthy way in there one and only life.

This is going to be a non-profit organisation in time, but since both me and my bf are working full time, we do not have the amount of time, that It will need.

Our next step, besides visiting more schools, is to contact a local museum, wich I already done, and show our collection there for a month or so. For the moment is just i thought, but i hope it will become a reality later in 2010.
The dream is still to have a own showroom, where our collection can be more permanent and grow without any problem.

So the question is, are there any people out there, willing to donate cycling jerseys or shorts? First of all, we are looking for clothing with prints from local teams, national teams, or any other team, just to get variation in our colllection, and maybe some information about your team etc.

Thanks from Sweden!