View Full Version : Instructors - keep your MP3 player charged up!!!

01-16-2010, 03:57 PM
Today I was asked to substitute for a Saturday morning class at the last minute. The club is a big, nationally known chain & this class is very popular. My legs were DEAD from the day before (hill repeats) but I said sure. Otherwise, they'd have no class.

So, I go to plug in my MP3 player - nothing, zero, ziltch. Hadn't charged it in awhile. I had no other music. I asked the class, "Does anybody have any music they'd donate?" One sweet little college-age girl brought me her cute little baby blue IPod which was loaded with RAP music. :eek: I just about DIED when the first song was exhorting expletives about women. It got no better. Without turning my brain on first, I remarked to the class, "Gee, this is the kind of music that makes me roll up my window at stoplights." Good going.

Anyway, I got through it. I had never head any of the songs so I had to wing it. And rap - well - it doesn't really have verses, refrains, etc., so there's no telling how long the song goes on (at least I couldn't make head nor tails out of it.)

All of the spinners were good sports & thanked me at the end of the class. I am now convinced I can teach any class, anywhere, anytime.

And my IPod is fully charged. And I'm now carrying CD's of my profiles, just in case.

01-17-2010, 02:54 PM
There is no accounting for what people listen to - and it was must have been a quite a shock, her looking like a sweet college girl! Who would know? Bravo for looking for solutions and forging ahead, not letting your followers miss their class...

01-17-2010, 03:01 PM
Too funny! Thanks for sharing!!

01-18-2010, 04:54 AM
You could have asked the class "can anybody sing?" ;)

01-18-2010, 05:54 AM
Boy, that's a great way to reinforce remembering something. Humiliation, embarrassment and disgust. I know you'll never forget again.
I would have just died... :eek: