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09-28-2009, 08:50 AM
I went out for my normal ride on the bike path this morning. All was well, birds were singing, the air was cool, the sun was coming up making even the power plant that I ride by look magical.
Everything was fine until I was on the final little bit where the bike path crosses a busy 4 lane street in town...I stopped, pushed the button to get the "walk" signal, waited until it was showing, then I started crossing the street. I was slightly over halfway across when an elderly man ran the red light RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME (seriously, only a lane away from where I was). I hate to think of what might have happened if school children had been crossing with me...
The "walk" signal was still on and all the other cars were stopped.
This is the first time I have been so close to being squished...he hesitated at the line and then went faster through the intersection...if I had been glancing down or something I might not have seen him coming.
I was shaking as I rode home (I only live about 2 blocks from there) and was really angry by the time I got home. Grrr!!
I was too shocked to even try and get a license# or anything....I commute to work regularly and ride every morning on my days off and I have come close to being clipped by right turning vehicles at crosswalks and stuff but-wow. This one really frightened me.

09-28-2009, 09:18 AM

There are some elderly drivers who are a *serious* hazard to all concerned. You might want to invest in an Airzounds -- at least you have the satisfaction of BLARING your existence.

ny biker
09-28-2009, 09:24 AM
Several times every week I am almost run over while crossing the street at lunchtime in the neighborhood where I work. I'm in the crosswalk with a walk signal, but drivers who can't wait a couple of seconds before turning come within inches of hitting me. A few weeks ago a guy making a left turn accelerated towards me and barely stopped in time to avoid making me a hood ornament. Then he started gesturing at me as if it was my fault for being in his way.

And this neighborhood has won awards for being pedestrian-friendly.

People are idiots, regardless of their age.