View Full Version : weird shifting problem?!

07-19-2005, 08:24 AM
sunday i'm on my way home from riding.... and i notice... feel.... a click or somthing like that when i shifted (right shifter)... so i shifted up and down a couple of times... noticed no problem...

then i get to a point where i need to shift more than a couple.. and notice that i can't shift more than 3 rings....????? :confused: :confused:

hmmmmm ok.... what's up with that?

so when hubby gets home i tell him and he checks it out "you only have 3 rings".... ok... figures... dang shimano.... broke again! :mad: :mad: :mad:

sooooo i call to find out about sending it in... they claim 3 days turn around (ya... uh huh... they told me that in february!) then i ask if i drive to irvine can i just bring in the defective one and pick up a new one... nope.. has to be mailed... grrrrr.. but i digress

it's rideable.... so i head out last night to ride... and i can shift!!!!!!!?????????? all rings?????????????? what's up with that? it did seem that the chain was "hopping" around back there.. not acting right... but now i think it may not be the shifter.. but the derailler (spelling) or cables....

so i guess that means an overnight at the bike doctor.... which is good news and bad... good that i won't be without my bike for most likely more than a week while shimano sends me a new shifter... but bad cuz i will be without it one night while mike has it :( :(

anyone else ever have anything like this happen?