View Full Version : Looking for an LBS in College Station

07-01-2009, 12:26 PM
Calling all Aggies! I'm looking for a recommendation of a local bike shop in College Station. I just passed my old bike on to a friend's niece who is in school at A&M. The bike has been serviced and is in good riding shape for her but she needs to have it fitted properly. She went out for a 15 minute ride and ended up being out for 1.5 hours, so it sounds like she's getting hooked. She did report the need for bike shorts and we think the discomfort she's feeling may be partly related to bike fit. Anyway, we'd like to direct her to a good shop that can get the bike fitted to her and help her with the accessories that she really needs to make cycling enjoyable. If you have any recommendations for particular store personnel, that would be great too.

Thanks for any direction you ladies can provide. I figure Aggie Ama might have some guidance:)

Susan in Dallas