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05-04-2005, 01:35 PM
I had my first official MTB race this past Saturday. My first race ever! My first time riding with others besides my Boyfriend on trails.

It was AWESOME!! I did a 3 hour endurance race on a 5.4 mile lap. I was slow going my first lap as I wasn't sure what to expect on the trail. I did 3 laps. Averagin around 45 minutes per lap..which is slow. Others were doing 6-7 laps. But I was just out for the learning experience.

I didnt come in last!! LOL 10th out of 11. I am guessing the other person had bike troubles. They only did 2 laps and second lap was a very long one.

Well..now on to the trail. I usually ride singletrack with no logs, rocks, etc. This trail had LOTS of rocks, tree roots to go over...downhill even. I did great!! I didn't fall on the rocks...was kinda scary at times, but I just kept going, concentrating on going over without falling. I took it slow, but learned that faster is sometimes better over rocky areas.

I rode at my own pace...which kept others from passing me at times. I didn't get the chance to pass anyone..LOL..but overall I'm still proud of myself.

My first lap around I was thinking Hell!! I"m NO WAY gonna be able to do this a few more times. But by the time I got back to the start point and rested for a few minutes I was ready to go again!

There were 2 huge hills that I ended up walking up, knowing I couldn't do them. I did try to get as far as I could before I hopped off bike though..so I can't say I didn't try.

I now have another race on May. 15 and am hoping that I'll be better prepared..even though I am not doing much riding right now..may only get 2 more rides in on trails before then.

All in all!!!! I had a great time at my first race


05-04-2005, 02:40 PM
Cool Job!! :D

Mountain bike racing is fun!

05-04-2005, 03:06 PM
Congrats ara - doesn't matter how you placed or rather you walked or rode those hills - you finished!...That's what matters. Job Well Done!

06-03-2005, 10:17 PM
doesn't it feel good?? i always get so nervous and worked up before a race and then during it, i relax and have fun. the best part is after the finish. you feel so accomplished and the rush of excitement around you is worth it. i would highly recommend racing as a great way to push your abilities and also to meet others who share your passion.

06-05-2005, 05:37 PM
Yeah Aramei, you were out there racing. I almost think the training is the hardest part because you can make excuses and quit. Once you show up for that race (and they almost always feel like your first) you know you are going to prove yourself. You were out there and you had a great time... Enjoy your next race.

06-06-2005, 11:30 AM
Woohoo Aramei!
I am in awe of you girls who fly around, negotiate with considered caution and generally dare-devil your way around the various MB courses I am becoming aware of.
I'm too much of a fraidy cat for that.
Gimme a clear bit of tarseal anytime.

(Although I must admit the enthusiasm on this board is seriously making me consider venturing out on Black Thunder more than I do)