View Full Version : Liberty Hill Lions Rip Roarin' Ride

09-13-2008, 06:24 PM
The last Saturday of September is the Liberty Hill Rip Roarin' Ride. I have never done it but I have rode all these roads more times than I can count! It is a really nice, low traffic, high farm animal population (you may see cows, goats, sheep, fallow deer, ostrich, llamas and guinea fowl out), rolling Hill Country goodness route. :D

The Liberty Hill Lions maintain the little park I enjoy jogging at and seem to do a lot of good in the little town. I will be there for the 50, 65 or 79, don't know how I will be feeling that morning! I probably will just ride over to the ride that morning and roll out on the route that suits me. The 65 covers some of my favorite roads and is most likely what I will do. If you go on one of the long routes you will see the Oatmeal Can Water Tower of Oatmeal, Tx, how can you pass that up? :D

Anyone else planning to pedal in my backyard?


09-15-2008, 08:02 PM
So sad no one coming to see Oatmeal, Bertram, Burnet and hopping Liberty Hill? :)

I will puttering along at 14-15mph (I hope!) if you come and see my Cannondale with her dark blue tape and one blue tire, say hi.