View Full Version : Patriot Pedal, Southlake, TX 9/13/08

09-08-2008, 08:01 AM
Anyone else doing this ride this weekend? http://www.patriotpedal.com Hubby & I will be there.

This is the first year for this ride and from the web site it looks like they have done a good bit of research into putting on a ride. Wish they had the route maps posted ahead of time. They've thought of many things, hope it will be a good annual ride since it's local.

It's so unusual to be able to sleep to a decent hour before starting a rally around here! Usually we have to drive 1-2 hours for most of them and get there at o'dark thirty, sign in, line up, etc. An 8 am start about 8 miles from my house - I'm in!

Hope to see some of you there - Jennifer

09-08-2008, 06:26 PM
I am doing what I can...I am actually a Keller police officer (the 100k pedals right through the city!) and am supposed to be on duty that morning. My SUPER department (I love my job) let me switch my short day so that I have Sat. morning off. I am going to do the 36 (or 40...whatever) because I can get showered and back to duty on time. I would like to do the 100k but I won't make it in the 3 hrs. needed. A few other officers will be riding as well...doing the 100k (they have the day off!). I actually put the road bike up after the HHH thinking that I would give the MTB some quality time, but I can't resist.
Wave to the Keller officers working traffic control!

09-09-2008, 03:42 PM
kenyonchris - I actually live in Keller! That is so cool that you are keeping my town safe. THANK YOU!! That is awesome that the dept worked with you to let you have Sat am off. I'm glad to hear they are a good employer that way.

We are signed up for the 54 mile route but may change to the ~40 since we haven't been on the bike much lately either. My last ride was the 50 @ HHH. Maybe we can figure out a spot to meet, although I've no clue how crowded this one will be with being its first year. It's always nice to meet TE folks. Someone came up to me at HHH (Sherry I think?) because I was wearing my Amici Veloci jersey. That was fun.

Where did you find the route map? I found the grey 'map' link on the website, but it went to a really low resolution pdf that didn't have the different routes well marked (at least not that I could tell, but it could just be me not understanding the way they are showing it). :p

3 more days and a wake up! :)

09-10-2008, 01:03 PM
Keller is the best place to work! I love, love, love my job and department. I am on mounted patrol too so when you see the horses, look for me!
I can't remember where I saw the route maps, but I sort of have a general idea because we have to close streets, etc. Some of our off-duty officers will be directing traffic...which is NEVER fun. Try telling someone they can't go there when they REALLY want to. I seldom lose my temper, but when I do it is directing traffic.
I cycle in Keller sometimes after work (I live in Argyle so usually I cycle here) and occasionally back and forth, but in traffic 377 is a slog.
Glad to meet someone from our city!