View Full Version : Weighted and MAGNETIC!! hula hooping???

06-19-2008, 09:03 AM
Anyone???? Okay, I bought a colorful weighted hula hoop a year ago, which I am just dusting off now for 20 minute sessions each day in front of the TV. Then I was at a neighbor's the other day, and she had a funnier looking hoop that had all these nubbys in them. I didn't get the chance to ask, but found one like it on the internet and found out that those nubby parts were magnets I believe?? But I found no elaboration on their purpose. Does anyone have any idea how beneficial weighted hula hooping really is, and if getting a magnetic one would be much better? All I know is that the magnets had something to do with accupressure points in one's abs, I believe. I would love more detail - anyone??:confused:

07-11-2008, 04:22 PM
I like to hoola hoop, but I find Pilates a better workout for my core. Maybe I'll get a hoola hoop though, and make it part of my fun day.

07-11-2008, 07:14 PM
I don't know about the magnets, but in Asia for awhile the hula hoops with nubbies on the inside were popular. They are supposed to massage as you use it. My mom had one that her sister sent her from Korea. I tried it once and all I have to say about it is "ow."

07-12-2008, 05:59 AM
We use those at the gym I go to. They are of different weights. I'm not sure there are magnets in them, though. The heavier ones hurt like crap until you work up to them, and I always picture I'll have lots of bruises around my midsection.

They're fun.