View Full Version : Review/Yoga Dance Fusion

01-12-2008, 05:22 AM
I bought this DVD because Patricia Morena designed the workout and is the instructor. She was one of the Powerstrike ladies, and I loved those tapes (liked her teaching style--balanced the Italian lady, Ilaria's, very well). Much to my chagrin, they never put those Powerstrike Millenium workouts out on DVD. I digress...

The Yoga Dance Fusion DVD has two workouts. One is about an hour and the other, 30 minutes. I've done the longer one twice and the shorter, just one time. There's a bonus section but I haven't checked it out yet.

I LOVE this DVD. It's strength & flexibility focused and gives an excellent challenge. There is a section on balance in the longer workout that is extremely difficult but effective. Best of all, while it isn't easy, it feels good because the flow is slow. Easy to catch on, even the first time. Another bonus--it made a galoot like me feel graceful.

The shorter workout is very much focused on legs. It seemed more difficult than the longer workout because you're working on leg strength.

The instruction was what I expected. Excellent. She gets a little new agey at times, but that doesn't bother me. I really like Patricia and hope she puts out more DVDs like this one.

I consider this one a great strength/strengthening workout for cyclists. You do a lot of in high lunge & triangle pose, which are great for opening up your hip flexors.

Giaim puts this one out so it's fairly high quality in terms of production.