View Full Version : What in the world?

08-08-2002, 08:57 PM
One day I was out riding my road bike and saw a small animal with something stuck on it's head. It was zigzaging across the road. I'm thinking what in the world? I thought at first it was a cat, because it was so small. I'm thinking to myself "how am I going to catch this cat and help it. As I got closer I could see that it was a puppy with a cookie box stuck on his head. I knew that I would have no problem now. I stopped and talked to him as I walked up so as not to scare him. When I pulled the box off his head his eyes were bugging out and he was panting terribly. His tongue, just about touching the ground. Poor little fella. I thought ok I did my good deed for the day and started to ride off. Well he decided to follow me. I thought no, I don't need another dog. I led him toward a house where he must have lived cause when he reached the driveway he ran straight for the garage. I'm sure glad that I found him when I did because I feel for sure he would have either suffocated with the box on his head or would have been ran over by a car.