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12-09-2004, 11:47 PM
After about ten years and three kids, I'm finally trying to seriously get back into cycling. I have all my old gear still, which includes the seat that I used to love and ride about 200 miles a week with no problem at all, a Selle Italia. However, I don't know - maybe having kids changed my physical makeup or I'm just a softie now - but my old seat hurts! Looking to see what's out there these days, lo and behold, I've found all these funny-looking saddles with cut-outs! It makes perfect sense!

Anyway, perfect sense is about to be tested as I'm waiting on a catalog shipment containing the Terry Butterfly (and some badly needed winter riding gear -- oooh the stuff they have for us ladies now!! What a difference ten years makes). While looking to find out what works best with you ladies, I've read good and bad comments, so I figured I'd just have to try it out myself.

If body type DOES make a difference, I'm 5'9" 148 lbs (I'm being brutally honest here), with daddy-long legs that got me teased in grade school, and I've often been accused of being too skinny (not after having the kids, however!). I can usually fit "mens" bikes with no problem as I have long arms, fingers, etc., but the saddle bit apparently is no more. Anyone out there with the same body type as me that has had success with one of these cut-out saddles?

Comments appreciated!

12-10-2004, 08:51 AM

I don't have the same body type as you (I'm a puny 5'2"), but I love the Terry Butterfly - have 'em on all three of my bikes! I know they don't work for everyone, but in my bike club they seem to be the most popular choice for women. A lot of women also like the men's Terry Fly if the Butterfly is too wide for them. My husband loves it too!

Good luck,


12-10-2004, 12:15 PM
welcome back!! you and me both - it was 6 years for me and my first shocked reation was - Womens Clothing?...when did THAT happen?? when I bought my last bike 10 yrs ago they were Just coming out with womens seats - big fat cushy comfy seats with a cutout in the middle but it was covered over with padding so you couldn't really SEE the cut-out. (the Victorian interpretation of a womans saddle maybe?) anyway - my husband at the time bought me one and I hated it. I now have a new bike and it too came with a comfy cushy big fat saddle! I couldn't WAIT to switch it out for a Specialized Body Geometry saddle which is a womans but my LBS laughed and said they only knew that coz Spec uses blue or pink for the womens accessories and red or black for the mens and mine is blue! :D Anyway - I haven't tried anything else - this is all just too new for me still!
Signed: A Country Bike Hike in a City Bike Town!