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11-25-2004, 06:50 AM
Since you all helped so much with my nutrition question... I must ask...
How do you long distance riders (OR short distance riders for that matter) keep from having to pee so often? I especially find it a problem the last 15 miles of my rides regardless of distance but it can't be all psychological - I really gotta go! am I drinking too much?

12-12-2004, 09:51 PM
I'm a mountain bike girl, so I suck up my performance anxiety and go. There really isn't such a thing as drinking too much, well except in the case of hyponatremia but you'd have to really work at that. Man, I've never thought about that before. Maybe I don't want a road bike. Then again, trails are fond of reminding you how bad you need to pee. "Ooooof, rock garden, ugh, gotta pee!"

love and cookies

12-13-2004, 02:55 AM
I road ride but usually go along quite country routes where there's plenty of hedges/ fields I can dive into. I very rarely ride for more than about 10 miles in built up environment, but have developed a bit of local knowledge for potential cafes etc I can call in at that don't mind.

It feels like a it 's a bit of a balancing act and my riding partner feels the same -the need to drink, but not wanting to pee too much.

BTW do you generally find you pee a lot off the bike. Just lately I've found I needed to pee all the time!! :eek: I'd go before I left the house, walk the 12 mins down the hill into town and need to go again. I tried reducing how much a drank, but made no difference and was even wondering if I'd developed some strange psycolgical condition that required me to test out all the towns rests rooms on a regular basis.

Turns out the problem was my lower back!!! I went to the physio with back pain and one of her first few questions was how often to do I need the loo and then it hit me. All the time! She did some work on me and literally as soon as I left the centre it stopped. It was only then I that I realised just how often I'd been getting the desire to pee. Thank you so much nice-physio-lady. :) I no longer feel like I'm a dog looking for a lampost :p

12-13-2004, 08:58 AM
on most road rides and centuries (gosh, can't believe I'm saying that, till last year the longest I'd done were metrics) I can deal with 20 miles between rest stops. Must admit that I think it was day 5 of the AIDS Lifecyle that on the central coast I and a bunch of other riders created our own rest stop behind some trees, we were out in the middle of nowhere and I knew I was never going to make it, wasn't even a town for 15-18 miles.

Also the weather is key, if it's hot and or you're working real hard you're going to sweat more of it out.

But don't forget the bike, if your a roadie and your bike is beating you up that can be it. On ALC4 my ex (at that time current) said that she ALWAYS felt she had to go. She was riding a Cannondale that was so stiff she felt every gum wrapper it went over. That bike was super fast but she said from day 2 her kidneys hurt. I understand since then she's gotten steel. So if you've ruled out medical reasons I'd start thinking comfort.

12-13-2004, 06:44 PM
Under "normal" circumstances I can usually go about 2 hours between pit stops. But sometimes, not sure whether it's elevation or low humidity or what, I have to go CONSTANTLY, like every 30 minutes. At El Tour de Tucson last year, I stopped at every single rest stop the last 40 miles because I HAD to go. It was not psychological, it was not my bike fit. I had the same problem in Yellowstone this year, and was always ducking into the bushes. Maybe I do over-hydrate (usually 1 bottle an hour), but I still think excessive nature breaks beat dehydration.

12-13-2004, 09:06 PM
aka_kim ..... but I still think excessive nature breaks beat dehydration.

that's true, you can't stay hydrated if it's got nowhere to go ;)

12-15-2004, 02:26 PM
i'm so glad i'm not the only one!!!!! i plan my town loops/routes around the national park visitor center so i can go there! (i take the bike right into the bathroom so i don't have to worry about anyone stealing it!

when with hubby on "out in the desert" rides.. i'll stop and use a cactus to pee behind! lol!

ya..... sometimes i no sooner get started and i gotta go! grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

12-28-2004, 11:05 PM
Hey KTeach

I'm a mtb-er, but used to road ride as well (can't beat the thrill of the downhill!). I've done many many rides over 4 hours in duration without needing a pitstop, and I'll drink 2-3 litres on such a ride. I put it down to what I'm using - it's an electrolyte and carbohydrate drink (don't know if you have it - it's called 'replace' over here, made by horley's). Apparently the electrolytes help (my story, sticking with...)

It could also have something to do with the fact that I refuse to lose time by stopping and eventually the need just goes away, or if I'm near enough to the finish line (in a race) it gives me extra motivation to find that extra effort :p

My first suggestion though, would be to try out different hydration formulas.

Good luck!

12-29-2004, 05:27 AM
wgtngrl ..... if I'm near enough to the finish line (in a race) it gives me extra motivation to find that extra effort :p

oh, so THAT'S how sprinters do it! "Outa my way, I gotta go!";)

12-29-2004, 03:48 PM
My only tip?

If you have to pee often , don't buy bibs!!! :p

12-29-2004, 05:44 PM
Originally posted by caligurl

when with hubby on "out in the desert" rides.. i'll stop and use a cactus to pee behind! lol!

Several years ago, I did a seven day ride across AZ. Found out that peeing behind a cactus wearing day-glo yellow was an interesting concept. You get skilled at listening for cars and judging how far away they are...

12-30-2004, 01:33 PM
so having lived in AZ I just had this image pop into my head - riding the Harley out in the desert and see something day-glo yellow crouched down behind a cactus and thinking to myself "self? did I just see what I Think I saw? .......nah - couldn't be!" :D

04-08-2005, 01:27 PM
Several years ago, I did a seven day ride across AZ. Found out that peeing behind a cactus wearing day-glo yellow was an interesting concept. You get skilled at listening for cars and judging how far away they are...

yes... you do! lol! the other day i was on my SHORT ride.. but it was windy... and on the way out too me FOREVER... i had to pee sooooOOOOOO bad... i saw a spot that had some dirt raised up..... i was just pulling my shorts up when a car went by... PHEW! i like it better when hubby's watching for cars and holding my bike.. i was on my own for this ride! i've learned not to drink anything past 2:00 on work day (ya.. i know.. not the best concept!)

04-08-2005, 07:50 PM
For some reason, I don't seem to need to go as often on road rides as I do mountain biking. I always joke about how much DNA I've left out in the desert! Road riding in the city provides lots of parks with restrooms to visit, and I know which ones I can take my bike into so that I don't get ripped off while I'm taking care of business. In the desert, we have to drink, drink, and drink some more, so we go, go, go stome more. What goes in, must come out.

04-11-2005, 04:46 PM
Ok. I have a question. I've never had to truly rough it while camping and in the past, I've been able to generally successfully hold things till I made a real restroom, but does everyone just squat and pee? Or are there tricks?

I've attempted to squat before, but I have bad balance issues and will end up dribbling on myself. :eek: Needless to say, not fun. :/

So, how do you all do it?


04-11-2005, 05:11 PM
Practice! With the balance issues you may need to lean against a tree or something. You haven't lived until you've hiked in British Columbia during black fly season, and tried to pee without getting your bum bit! :(

There's actually a book "How to S**t in the Woods", that covers all forms of "outdoor potty life" :eek:

04-11-2005, 06:01 PM
Yo Mel! I hear ya grrl! In the woods I must find a spot with a tree on either side so I can hold on and lean a bit back... otherwise I fill my shoe.

04-17-2005, 12:09 PM
I have heard from my partner that some of the men in one of his training packs can do it on their bikes as they ride...

Personally this has never appealed to me.

I have been fortunate enough not to HAVE to go durng an endurance ride, but I guess I will need to one day... and then I think I will choose to squat and pee... don't think I could bring myself to pee as I ride, or leaning against a tree...

04-17-2005, 02:09 PM
RAGBRAI was a good example that there are lots of riders in your boat-
cornfields on either side of the road marked "His" and "Hers", complete with toilet paper on a post!

I'm a four-hour or more girl myself but have no prob with going in and undesignated potty zone if it's that or my shorts!
Lucky, I've not had that situation on the road. On dirt I pay attention to the lie of the land and pee facing uphill so's I don't get my shoes wet. Oh, this has actually happened to friends-watch out for poison ivy and stinging nettle. :eek:

I want to know why is it you always have to pee while in the starting line at a race? :confused:

04-21-2005, 07:02 AM
Just get really good with squats and you should be able to balance. I have peed in the woods a lot on hikes and mountain biking.Somehow, my normal urge to go every 30 minutes seems to go away when I ride on the road. I probably need to drink more, but it does seem like I shut down a little. When my son raced, he used to pee in his shorts all of the time. He did not smell nice when he came home.....

04-21-2005, 07:08 AM
I want to know why is it you always have to pee while in the starting line at a race? :confused:

and at the start of an organized ride too! :confused: :mad:

04-21-2005, 12:45 PM
Okay, I know I saw somewhere on this board that there is some sort of contraption that looks like a medicine spoon you get with your liquid prescriptions that you can use to just pull down the front of your shorts, stick it between your "lips" and it shoots the pee away from you. I tried a search and can't find it, but I'll keep trying!

Of course, that doesn't help with the other end, but that's usually not as much of a problem for most of us, it seems.

04-21-2005, 12:49 PM

Check it out. I'm seriously considering getting one!