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Pink Kona
11-10-2004, 09:57 PM
I was long over due for an embarrassing moment. Luckily it happened today with only my coach and a friend as witness.

So I bought this high tech heart rate montior - the Polar S710i. It practically wipes your butt for you. I excitedly opened the package when I first got it and mindlessly installed its components. The literature said I got a cadence monitor rather than the standard speedometer. I was stoked! Practically not getting any sleep at night!

I thought I was just a newbie - getting used to how the data is recorded, etc. etc. I mean, these things are highly complicated. Or are they? I thought it a little strange that my cadence counter wasn't working correctly, not to mention my speedometer was all messed up. Was I pushing the wrong button? Was my chest strap too far from the computer?

Well that's when I discovered today, after a week of having this handy dandy gadget, that I installed the speedometer as a cadence counter. And if you look at the piece it says SPEED in nice bold letters. And of course, I discovered this when I asked my coach to come take a look at my cadence counter to see why it wasn't working properly.

I laughed all 38.29 miles of that ride, at myself, el pink dorko.

11-20-2004, 07:26 AM
it happens, that's why I got the very simple Polar, anything less idiot-proof and it would not have a watch ;-) Gotta get ready to get out there, supposed to be high 60's today.