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08-27-2007, 06:05 AM
OK, everyone, I wasn't sure if you all knew how to get to the Minuteman Airfield, so here are directions.
From 495: Take Route 117 (exit 27) east toward Stow. You will drive awhile, maybe 5 miles before you turn. When you see a school on your left, get ready. Actually, there are 2 schools and you turn LEFT after the second one. The Stow Town Hall will be on the corner and there is a sign that says "to Acton-Boxborough." The name of the street is Crescent St. If you go to the light at Rt. 62, you went too far. Go a short distance and the street curves around to the left. Stay left here, the street on the right at the Y intersection is the continuation of Crescent St. When you stay left, the name of the street becomes West Acton Rd. You are going to go a very short distance until you come to a cross street, past some townhouses on a hill. Make a left here, at Boxborough Rd. There is a little green sign with an airplane icon on it at the turn. Go about 3 miles, up a short climb and the airfield is on the left. Turn down the airport road and park in the lot. I will be there.

Directions from 128 or from West Acton

Take 128 to Rt. 2 west. Stay on Rt. 2 to the Concord Rotary, go half way around and continue west on Rt. 2. You will be exiting at Route 111 West (West Acton). It is a LEFT exit, right after the light at Piper Rd. Stay on 111 and go through 2 stoplights. The first is at Rt. 27 and the second is at Central St. Continue west on 111 into Boxborough. Pass the skating rink and police station. You will make a left on Stow Rd. There is a brick building on the corner. Stay on Stow Rd, past a playing field to 3 way stop. Stay on Stow rd. here, which goes slightly left. Once you go up a small hill and pass Fifer’s Ln. you will be in Stow. The street name changes to Boxboro Rd. The Minuteman Airfield is on the right. There is a sign for Nancy’s Airfield Café. Turn on the road into the airport and come into the parking lot.

I will be there by 9 AM and hopefully, we can leave by 9:15. My cell phone is
978-413-9027, though coverage is BAD in Stow. See you next Monday.

09-03-2007, 09:03 AM
ARGH! So sorry that I missed you ladies this morning. DH and I were camping and riding MTB this weekend up at the Kingdom Trails, and the sleeping on the ground did a number on my neck - I currently have limited range of motion :( . That said, I didn't think riding in a group would be my best bet today.

The weather was stellar for your ride though! I do hope that you all had a great time. Hopefully, I can connect with you on the next ride.


09-03-2007, 09:33 AM
We had a good ride, with a turnout of 6 people.

Hope your neck improves soon, Cathy.

09-03-2007, 06:00 PM
Sorry you missed us, Cathy. It was fun, though I was a bit toasted from yesterday's ride. Hope you are feeling better. We are going to try to do this ona more regular basis.


09-04-2007, 03:09 PM
Sorry you missed us, Cathy. It was fun, though I was a bit toasted from yesterday's ride. Hope you are feeling better. We are going to try to do this ona more regular basis.


Well, I certainly couldn't tell you were "a bit toasted"!! I, on the other hand, was pretty well fried by the end--that's the longest ride I've ever done.

09-05-2007, 09:34 AM
You did great, Andrea. The best way to improve endurance and speed is to keep doing longer rides, pushing yourself a little more each time. That is, if you want to! I don't know if I could go up the hills in Worcester with a load of groceries. I know the AMC Tuesday rides are over for the season, but you might want to check out the beginner level weekend rides. Some of them are longer, but at a slower speed.

09-06-2007, 06:38 AM
How far did you guys go?

09-06-2007, 12:50 PM
28.3 miles, according to my computer. My Garmin made cue sheet says 27.6, so I may have backtracked somewhere?