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10-08-2004, 09:58 AM

I am here yet with another training question. It's been a while since I have consistently trained. Lately, I've been riding my bike (either road or mtn.) 6 days a week pretty much. I also do yoga and pilates. I used to ride like every other day, but now, I am trying to get my base back to begin winter training soon for next year in hopes of racing on the road again after a 2 year hiatus (I had a fiasco with getting a new road bike...long story).

The one thing I have noticed is that my legs really really hurt. I know it's muscle soreness, but it reminds me back 9 years ago when I first started riding LOL. I do give myself rest and recovery, but I was wondering, is it normal to have your legs hurt so much LOL? I hurt in the hamstring attachments and the quadriceps attachments...going up the stairs is not fun LOL. I just don't have a frame of reference other than my old training diaries so I am not sure if this is normal to have so much delayed on-set muscle soreness...

What to do to help? Rest? Active recovery? Epsom salt baths? I do stretch quite a bit and I received weekly bodywork...oy vay!

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10-08-2004, 11:54 AM
one of things I've been researching regarding leg fatigue - in my case calves - is protein within the first 30 mins after exercise. I bougth some protein powders and I"ve been mixing those when I get home from a tough climb up that "doggone" mountain. Some days it seems to help - some days it doesn't. I don't know how old you are - I'm 45 - but another thread mentioned taking longer to recover these days and boy does it!......keep up the good work and hope this helps!.......btw...let me know if YOU find anything the helps!....I'm still open/researching things to reduce the fatigue.

10-08-2004, 12:45 PM
sounds like lactic acid build-up. I take CQ10 as part of my daily vitamins. Helps eat that bad stuff up. Massage and hot shower/baths as well. The more you train the more your lactic threshold will increase until it hits your genetic wall. Speed training helps in that increase, as does strength training.

10-08-2004, 03:35 PM
This might be a topic like "Shimano vs. Campy". Everyone probably has their favorite.

I like cold after a hard workout. For me running causes more muscle soreness than cycling. After a hard run I'll stop at the hose and run cold water over my legs. Other running/cycling friends go so far as to do an ice bath. Bbbrrrrrrrrr.

I eat within 30 minutes of a ride/run. I'm not too particular, but because of my eating habits it tends to be a mix of carbs and protein.

I take two Tums, a vitamin C (500 mg) and an E (400 IU) after a hard ride or race.

If I have an actual injury (pull, strain whatever..)I ice it with a bag of frozen corn and elevate my legs. Peas would probably work well too. Broccoli would be too mushy...

I always drink a glass of wine or have a beer with dinner. Yeah that's my secret weapon! :D

10-08-2004, 04:29 PM
Tequila for me :D

and always hot showers; unless there's swelling from one of my many falldowns, in which case I'll hit the freezer for the peas.

cold makes me very unhappy :mad:

10-09-2004, 03:45 AM
Thanks for the ideas. Spazzdog, you hit on something I think because I do need to work on increasing the lactic threshold as I haven't done many "power" type of workouts these past 2 years. So, I think that means some suffering will occur on my wind trainer this winter, besides my hubby's LOL.

I take a lot of different supplements...I like the CoQ10 too. I am 32 so maybe I am just recovering slower than in my 20's, but I don't want to buy into that, as I think we are all young biking Goddesses LOL (I'm way too stubborn LOL).

I think there's some wisdom in that eating within a half hour...I am the cook, so I usually don't eat until an hour or so later after riding. I like to have a piece of fruit, but maybe I'll start doing the protein thing too. I like those dissolvable minerals and vitamins by Alacer called Emergen-C too.

Wow, you guys are just awesome with all the ideas and possibilities so thanks very much...I will have to experiment and see what works next week. Wow, the things you forget as an athlete...

Thanks again so much,


10-11-2004, 11:27 AM
Alacer also makes an Electrolyte Mix too - no sugar and a very light lemon-lime flavor that you mix with water. Its awesome and I use that a lot too on run/ride days!....

10-14-2004, 06:50 PM
Post ride - I like almond or soy milk with protein powder mixed in (all chocolate, of course!). There is enough sugar in the almond or soy milk to replenish carb stores - but not too much. You need protein and carbs after a ride. I've read that carbs drive the proteins into the muscles. Toss a banana in it & you're good to go.

I think that cold is what you want post ride. If you're having an inflammatory response, cold will help. You also might want to give your body a break so that it can recover. You get stronger between rides, when your muscles repair themselves. If you continually abuse them, they don't get stronger & you risk injury. If you can't stand to think of one day off the bike - give yourself a short, slow, flat ride.

At 32, you're in your prime. Don't gimme that 'old lady' stuff! You & Lance could have been in the womb together!

10-18-2004, 05:06 AM
I am feeling better because I have took some time to rest. LOL Dogmama...I wish I had a few of Lance's genes LOL...

I up'ed my water intake (oops forgot to drink more LOL) and rubbed some essential oils into my knees and legs. It's been very cold and damp in Michigan lately...so, indoor training is not far away during the shortened days LOL.

Thanks for the suggestions on refueling after a ride...I am going to start doing that while I am cooking dinner...I like water, 1/4 cup rice milk and rice protein.

Many, many thanks to all,


01-12-2005, 06:49 PM
I like to eat somewhere along a ride if I can. On roads its easy. Its amazing what a little food intermission can help with. A little snack every 20 mi or so is my practice.
If its a race then its powergels. Not those gel things everyone is making, the actual PowerGel brand ones. The choclate flavor is soo close to brownie mix its addictive. They got me off of heat shock one race.

01-25-2005, 08:38 AM

My ultimate fix for muscle soreness, fatigue or cramping: CALCIUM! It's a muscles relaxant, especially when combined with magnesium and zinc. And forget the TUMS tablets, those have almost no calcium in them and they're full of sugar and who knows what else. For serious muscles pain, 700mg - 1200mg of calcium!! That's enough to make you sleep like a baby, too, so take it before bed! :o

Recovery time may have to do with age, but I've also read it may have to do with being on the birth control pill. Apparently, that causes our recovery time to be twice as long as it would normally be. That said, some serious endurance can be gained by training when muscles have not fully recovered - not all of the time, but at least some of the time!

Keep on it, Lisa, sounds like you're doing great!! Good for you!