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06-03-2007, 09:45 AM
In lieu of going to a doctor (OK, OK, I should go, but I really dislike them :o ), I'm hoping someone here can help tell me what's going on.

I woke up Friday morning with a sharp pain in my right thigh - on the outside about 3-4 inches below the thigh bone. It felt like I must have had a bad blow or fall - which I hadn't - and there was no bruising or swelling. I'd had no warnings of any hip/thigh/knee/hamstring problems in the preceding days, and figured I must have somehow slept on it wrong.

I changed my ride plans for Friday and had a short session with Coach Troy instead, and didn't really have any problems while on the bike. Later I decided to try to "walk off" the pain by going for a 2 mile walk. This did seem to initially help - although I was walking with a limp - I did feel better for awhile after. The ride and walk must not have been good ideas however, because by Friday evening I essentially could not walk and was very uncomfortable.

So, yesterday and today I've been trying to stay off my feet, and to periodically ice and massage my leg. The pain is less, but I'm still limping and walking upstairs is hugely difficult. Googling for hip/thigh pain has just confused me. It may be trochanteric bursitis, or some sort of upper thigh ITB problem, or not. I'm really a little depressed, though, that I can go to bed feeling fine and have plans for a great weekend of riding, only to somehow "injure" myself while sleeping and end up feeling like an invalid.

OK, long story and whine over. Anyone ever had anything similar? How did you treat it? How long until you were back to normal activities?


06-03-2007, 09:55 AM
Do you sleep on your side?

My ITBs and associated bursae sometimes get grumpy when I sleep on my sides and I wake up sore. Sleeping with a pillow or rolled towel between my knees re-aligns things for me and eases up the grumpiness.

06-03-2007, 10:18 AM
I was sleeping on my right side.

I've experienced shoulder and knee pain from "weird" sleep positions before but pain in this area of my thigh is new. The towel/pillow suggestion is a good idea - I guess I need to sleep more intelligently as I get old and rickety! :)