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05-20-2007, 12:52 PM
This may be bad form, but Marilyn put this so much better than I could, so I'm cutting and pasting (in whole) someone else's post on another forum.
This is a fun event! All bikes are welcome - recumbent or not. The last two years there has been at least one DF both years, and a whole bunch of every different kind of recumbent, come one, come all! - here's Marilyn's post:

The OHPV will be putting on the "Human Powered Challenge" this coming weekend (Memorial Day).
You'll see sleek and sassy streamliners and other cool home-built creations, along with a lot of stock machines.

Additionally, the high-school kids of Electrathon will be racing their incredible battery-powered creations - lots of them. It's a pure joy to watch them race and some of them have become 'bent afficianados from having watched us in action.

Free to all spectators. Most of us will bring out our stable so interested parties can test ride bikes in a traffic free environment.

We race Saturday and Sunday at Portland International Raceway (PIR) who graciously gives us free use of their infield track for all 3 days of the weekend. If it is pouring rain next Saturday the races will be on Sunday and Monday. Events are:

# Individual Time Trial
# 1/8 Mile Drag Race
# Auto Cross Speed & Agility Course
# 200 Meter All Out Speed Test
# Mass Start Road Race

There are three classes to choose from when you enter, depending on what aerodynamic aides one has mounted on their steed:

Yours truly will be chugging along in the "Stock" class, 1-hour road race and the TT.

Day of Event entry fee is $45 BUT an extra $10 will let you ride in as many events as your little heart desires. If you're in the area, come on out and play!

Still standing after riding from home for a total of 104.5 miles of "Reach the Beach" in a headwind... LOVED that HED disc in the wind, btw...