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05-12-2007, 09:06 PM
Ok...I've been learning as I age, I am getting more and more allergies! First it was latex (no, that educational experience was nothing sordid) then certain antibiotics (still nothing sordid) and now cheap metal.

I'm a child of the punk era and must have black leather belts with metal on them. I feel naked without said leather belt even now as an adult. The problem is, the belt buckle touches my stomach when I sit and then I get huge welts that swell up and then ooze nasty stuff. This happens when belts get older so probably the buckles have some sort of coating that wears off.

Does any brand/supplier/whoever have any belts with metal that don't make people react? Or am I a freak for having this problem? I can wear most earrings though some make me uncomfortable and don't have problems in metal with daily life except for this.

Thank you so much! It's frustrating because I get things that I think will work but then my stomach turns all in welts and itches.

05-12-2007, 09:14 PM
Both of my daughters have this problem. We used to put tape or bandaids over the metal parts of their jeans grommets. It is a nickel allergy that causes it. There are varying degrees - one daughter can wear earrings, the other cannot. I believe surgical stainless steel is the answer, and/or platinum :) Everything else had nickel in it. A websearch will tell you more.

05-12-2007, 09:40 PM

Can you paint the backside of the buckle with nail polish?

My skin chemistry does bad things to metal. I've found ti, platinum, and surgical steel (and gold) do ok.

Bison Belts had a ti buckle (I think) once upon a time. I was on a ti kick for a while and yearned after a nylon web belt with ti buckle. You could maybe switch out the belt for your black leather?

Quick search found this belt on AMazon. It's even black leather! You'd probably want to customize it though. http://www.amazon.com/Geoffrey-Beene-Aniline-Leather-Reversible/dp/B000BJT38K

05-12-2007, 10:06 PM
Thank you SO much. Yeah, I think it's nickel. I was wearing band-aids but on my stomach so then I'd have to two welts on either side of the healing one :)

I will do some web searches and check out the amazon link. For the longest time I thought it was just because I was getting fat (lack of exercise when I moved up here) but then realized there were heavier people than me who didn't have welt things on their stomachs. This allergy stuff is getting old though and I keep wondering what's next. I had a bee hit me the other day as I was riding and I seriously thought about that little "what if". My answer was to put benadryl in my cycling bag because that has got to be better than nothing.

Thank you again! And heck, if there isn't ti on my bike there might as well be some on my body :D

You know now that I think of it, I used to have metal bracelets that I'd have to put clear nail polish on the inside of or I'd go itchy. I guess I was a spaz from way back then though I didn't remember it.

Anyway, I'm happy to figure out what's causing it and what I can do.

05-13-2007, 06:31 AM
It sounds as though you are allergic to the Nickel in the metal. You can google for Nickel free accessories. My twins are both allergic to it. I thought they were wearing their watches too tight. :o

05-13-2007, 07:27 AM
This allergy stuff is getting old though and I keep wondering what's next. I had a bee hit me the other day as I was riding and I seriously thought about that little "what if". My answer was to put benadryl in my cycling bag because that has got to be better than nothing.

If that's any comfort, I think that usually allergic reactions to bees do not start all out. Your first reaction will be mild, and the next time a little worse, etc.

An allergologist in the room could perhaps be more clear about this, but the basic thing is that even if you were to become allergic to bee stings at this stage of your life, the first sting is not going to kill you on the spot.

05-13-2007, 05:14 PM
I'm sorry but this is making me laugh.
I have a whole "Beverly Hillbillies" scenario going on.

Jethro- "Granny, I still got me a case 'a itch belly!"

Granny- See there? I told you 'bout wearing them fancy store bought things! You go put yor rope belt back on! Go on now, git!

05-13-2007, 05:27 PM
I can just hear that "go on now, git!"

Oh, that was a great show!

05-26-2007, 12:21 PM
"Granny, I still got me a case 'a itch belly!"

Hey, check out what I found! I don't know anything about these people but this belt suits my sensibilities. And if you look under odds and ends, they have rivets! Kelownagirl, maybe this could help your daughters?

There are all sorts of fun and non-itchy things here :D


06-06-2007, 07:02 PM
I have been told by my dermotologist that coating the offending metal with clear nail polish periodically will help.

I am allergic to cobalt and nickel, a common cross allergy.

Surgical grade surgical steel is ok, platinum is ok. Keep in mind that nickel can be found in many things. I have allergic reactions to some hair dye, so my stylist has to search for a cobalt free version.

Best advice: see a dermatologist. Have testing and then be educated on what to avoid.

Metal allergies are not bad. I am also allergic to the SUN! Now, that is frustrating.