View Full Version : Hotter N Hell 100

08-01-2004, 09:58 AM
Well, I threw my hat over the fence and just registered for the HHH 100 (actually the 25 mile for me and Ben).

Yesterday, we rode the Tour de Gap in Buffalo Gap, TX. We did 25 miles in 1:45. I think pretty decent as we weren't last but midpack. We've only been cycling for two weeks now.

The HHH makes me nervous when I see photos of the starting line. I cannot imagine 8,000 people on bikes. I worry more cause I've got clipless pedals. So, when you do something like this do you just sort of roll along without being clipped in until you can actually pedal? I doubt there will be much pedaling until the crowd sorts itself out.

My goal next year for my 40th birthday present to me is to do the full 100.

Just the thought of doing 25 miles of it this year is exciting. I was lucky to find us a place to stay in Lawton, OK. Everything in Whichita Falls is booked.

08-01-2004, 10:23 AM
Congrats on that! A few yrs ago (while I was training for an aidsride) I considered going back to my homestate for that one... just couldn't work out the scheduling. Good luck!

08-14-2004, 07:35 PM
I would love to do this ride. Haven't done a century yet, and hubby and I were thinking about trying this as it is so well supported. No definite plans yet. I don't know how I will handle so many riders, as riding in large groups is a little intimidating to me.

Have fun!