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04-29-2007, 05:15 AM
I belong to an active singles group in the Hartford, CT, area. We are having a ride this afternoon (Sunday, April 29) if any of you single folks are interested. We try to have a little something for everyone on these weekend rides. We'll start with 15 miles flat-to-rolling through South Windsor/East Windsor looping back to our starting point where we will pick up the new riders, hybrid riders, whomever does not feel ready for rolling hills or traffic and continue straight down and back on historic old Main Street for 10 flat, super easy miles. So, 25/15/10 options.

Any single cyclists who want to join us, meet at The South Windsor Board of Ed parking lot at 2:00 this afternoon (1737 Main Street, South Windsor) for the 15 mile/25 mile ride. The 10 mile flat will probably leave the parking lot around 3:45. Some of us will probably go out to a pizza place after the ride.

We do not have a set schedule for rides, but if you're interested in riding with us in the future, send me a private message and I'll make sure you know when we are riding.

Ask for me -- Louise

05-06-2007, 03:25 PM
Hey Louise, I sent you a PM, but I don't know if I did it correctly. I would be interested in knowing more about the Hartford area singles rides!

05-06-2007, 04:41 PM
Those of you not in Hartford:

In Northern CA the Velo Girls bike club has a coed single Cyclist ride the first Saturday of each month, followed by a Girls who Like Girls Single Cyclist ride on the 2nd Saturday.

I wonder how many other clubs do this?

The latter ride grew out of a discussion on this board about how it's so hard to meet active athletic singles online. Just try to find someone who'll actually log off and ride a bike :rolleyes: :cool: ;) :p ;)