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04-06-2007, 09:54 AM
Hey, everyone!

I finally saw a wonderful RMT who has training in cranio-sacral therapy and I am sooooooo happy about it!

I told her my diagnosis of Crohn's, mentioned a few symptoms that currently bother me, and the first thing she did was pull out the anatomy text and told me about the QL muscle, the ilio and the psoas. What I did not realize about the psoas is that it not only connects vertically from the ilio and then runs down the hip and the leg, but that it also needs to move forward from the back of the abdominal cavity where the ilio is, and pass between the bowels to reach the front of the hips....that explains so much!!

She said that if my organs were all happy and wonderful, they would gently just flop out of the way for her to work on the ilio, but, as we can all presume, my organs are not at all happy and won't move for nobody! heh. stubborn, just like me, I guess.

She did the wondrous soft-touch cranio-sacral work, that seems so amazing that her two hands can make so many body parts feel so many things....tingly, relaxed, sometimes a quick sharp point, dizzy, butterflies, heavy, so many sensations.

And we talked. Random events would come to mind so I'd let her know and she would have a connection somehow and it was so cool.

Of all of the profundities she said while there, and there were many I am sure I have forgotten already, were:

my body has told me to slow down because I have not learned the lesson. of course we don't yet know what that lesson is, but it sure has been successful in slowing me down, and I guess my brain needs to slow down to match my body's pace...

my homework is to make a sign: Biking = Joy. I think I will make three. two for home, one for work

she told me that it doesn't make much difference if it's pain or fatigue, either way it's all about me. nobody can see how it feels....not like a cast or something. So I have permission to think selfishly about me. that's a good thing.

she knows someone right here in town who has a biofeedback machine. I'll look into this and may try it.

Unlike some other natural practitioners, she was happy for me that the drugs have helped and didn't seem to want me to hurry up and get off of them. She wants to augment what the MDs are doing for me, not fight them.

she warned me that my two favourite activities (even though I've been too fatigued to do much of them), cycling and kickboxing, both use the ilio-psoas a lot, so I need to be cautious. for instance, she said that if I'd like to do some kickboxing, I should do it maybe for 10 minutes every other day, not go for a full hour. She didn't tell me to stop. Heck, she didn't even tell me to not race, we just talked about ways that I could adjust my thinking so that I could enter the races and just ride them without trying to be competitive. that's where the sign homework came from.

After the treatment, I felt so nice, so light, drifty, giggly, happy. The morning the next day I still felt light, but almost too light, and opted to get a ride to work. I walked at lunch time, very slowly and it was not long before I could feel those very muscles start to tighten up. How fabulous that I could actually feel and understand the muscle part, and then I could feel the effect on my organs. It's all so interconnected. The afternoon was a bit painful, but I was still happy to understand the muscle part of it.

I think this gives me a lot more hope because I can understand the cause and effect and the treatment of the muscles so much better than trying to wrap my head around Crohn's and its unpredictability. And I know that in two weeks when I see her again I will gain even more and progress even further.

Last night we ate pub food and had a drink with friends, but were home early. DH fell asleep on the couch and I on the floor, but we eventually found our way to bed. Today I still have more energy than I have on so many other days! I don't love cleaning the house, but I'm not dreading it. Yay!

And I'm really looking forward to riding, and to going at the pace that I should. Wish me luck, ladies!

Hugs and butterflies!!


04-06-2007, 10:18 AM
Glad you're feeling better! Where did you find this therapist?

04-06-2007, 10:24 AM
Thanks, Beth

She was recommended by a new friend here in Vernon. Yes, I have already thanked my friend. :p


04-06-2007, 10:58 AM
Fantastic report LBTC! :) I am so glad you found an excellent therapist who will work with you and your doctor. :cool:

04-06-2007, 11:54 AM
Yay! I'm glad you're getting such good care. I've had sacro-cranial work, too, and it has really helped me. I have a friend who got it from our chiro for her tmj, and it basically completely cleared it up.