View Full Version : Pacific Coast Highway

04-01-2007, 07:22 PM
Thinking about driving back from the Corvallis, OR area to Sacramento via the 101 (cutting over to Sac at the appropriate point, of course).

It's a 2000 mile drive home to Arkansas. Will this be a significantly harder or tedious drive as opposed to freeway driving (Portland to Boise to SLC to Denver)? Curvy and steep? Touristy and trafficky?

My son gets travel weary after two weeks on the road, so if we need to bail and head east before Redding or Sacramento, is there a route back to or between I-84 and I-80 that we should avoid? One to definitely try? Further, are there any good 1-2 hour rides (mountain or road) in So. OR or N. CA that we could get out of the car for?