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07-04-2004, 08:13 PM
My question is who here out of the Australians (and international if you want) is disgusted by Mark French and his behaviour in recent days? We all know what i'm talking about, an Aussie would have to live in a hole not to know about it.

Cycling has been a sport plaqued by drug cheats and accusations of the like throughout its history and now when Australia is become one of the world's current great cycling nations - green jerseys in the Tour de France, stage wins in the Giro and world champions on the track at a junior and senior level - some little brat comes along and tries to wreck the name of our sport. I can't say whether or not the people French has accused are guilty of drug usage, that is for the authorities to decide. Its just something for us cyclists to think about, should we tolerate such selfish idiots who try and wreck the name of our sport? He was 18 and therefore he was responsible for his own actions, regardless of what else happened!!!:mad:

miss claire
01-08-2005, 05:53 AM
my reading on the situation is the older members of the ais introduced french into injecting drugs then when they were caught sent french to the wolfs to save their own asses.Cycling aust. could not tolerate baning so many medal prospects so they baned some young fella who would not win medals for a few years keeping the people who could medal,as funding is worked out be results at mainly the olympics and to a lesser extent world champs,to keep the funding at existing levels.

05-01-2005, 02:13 PM
Nina Kraft winner of the 2004 Kona Ironman, was stripped of her title due to a positive test for EPO... which she finally confessed to.

A ban of 2 yrs was pronouced. The German triathlon federation had it lowered to 10 yr due to some technicality.

I think it's the World Triathlon Federation that is concidering further sentencing.

A woman, in a sport where on would think the body would be highly respected. Yet another disappointment.