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02-19-2007, 05:52 PM
I'm new to the forum, and kind of a "newbie" to biking. I know this topic has been discussed before, but I keep worrying that I won't be able to ride this spring and summer!

I've been doing physical therapy exercises, icing/heat, yoga, started wearing arch supports for pronation, all of which are helping with the plantar fascitis (sp) heel pain. I've stopped biking upright & stopped spin classes at the gym this winter (since that aggravated both the ankle and heel pain). Overall, my heel pain is improving. However, now even if I try to do the reclining bike at the gym (20-25 minutes at the most), my ankle pain flares up. It's a dull ache on the outside of my right ankle & spreads into my heel at times. X-rays done this past spring when I first noticed it were negative for fracture. I've stopped running, and I haven't even been walking for exercise lately.

Is it time to see a podiatrist and/or orthapedic physician in addition to the physical therapy? Thanks

02-20-2007, 02:44 AM
I had severe plantar fascitis when I was a fitness instructor back in the days of high impact, concrete floors, etc. I went to a podiatrist, who gave me ultra sound treatments, hydrotherapy, in addition to exercises and prescribing custom orthotics for my work out shoes. Go see someone who specializes in sports medicine, so s/he understands your life style and the act you want to get back to cycling. Cycling does not usually cause this!

02-22-2007, 12:24 PM
I dealt with plantar fasciitis for a long time before deciding to go to my GP. He gave me an injection of cortisone and it fixed me right up! If that's what you have go see your doc...no need to put up with the pain if you don't have too. Hope you get it resolved.

02-23-2007, 07:52 AM
Plantar fasciitis can be caused by the position of your feet while you sleep, too. If you tuck your covers in at the foot of the bed and your toes are pointed all night, then the tendon shortens up. You'll really know it if your feet hurt when you first get out of bed.

You can untuck your covers, or wear a soft brace that keeps your foot flexed (you can get them from the drugstore). I always make my bed so I can loosen it up down there, and in hotel rooms I pull the covers all the way out from under the mattress. I also stretch my toes towards my chest often when I'm lying in bed.

Those measures alone have lead to no symptoms for me for many years.


02-27-2007, 07:08 AM
Wow, you just explained exactly what I'm going through. I'm new to biking and have been doing ALOT of spinning. The pain in my right heel is horrible. The worst is when I get up first thing in the morning and try to walk on it!:eek:
I've been icing and stretching it, from what I've read on the internet that is what helps....not me so far.
What have you done? Have you found anything that helps? I know I am suppose to lay off working out but I CANT do that, it's the only thing that keeps me sane. Hope you are feeling better and if you have found out anything else that helps please let me know!

03-06-2007, 06:01 PM

I'm sorry to say, the only thing that helped my heel pain has been laying off the cycling/walking/spinning. The stretches, icing, insoles/arch supports, etc. have helped slowly over time. I've just been doing yoga and light walking for excercise. Maybe it's been easier for me because it's winter up here. But, maybe you should see a podiatrist? I don't want to say you have to stop your activity.

I recently got an ankle support brace through my podiatrist and she told me I can start my regular activity wearing this brace for the next 4-6 weeks every day. She also said a lot of my problems are from overpronating (flat feet). Then if this helps, I'll be fitted for orthotics.

I'm reading so much helpful information on this forum! There are actually cycling orthotics!