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06-14-2004, 08:09 PM
I was so excited. (sing schools out for summer....). I drove up to Mackinaw City for my new bike's first tour. Sat. A.M. looks like rain, and the wind is kicking up. I go anyway. I get signed in and checked my tires. Back is ok, front is ok...pssssst I pulled out the valve! Ok, so I go about changing my first ever flat and hit the road. I think I was the last one to leave. In that area, it feels like you are into the wind, no matter what direction you go. (surrounded by the big lakes!) Man, when you drive, you just don't notice those 2-3 mile long uphills! Huff, Huff Huff ok, I made it. It only rained a little. I made it back before the rain really came down and boy did I feel great! Road bikes are the BOMB! I was just riding carefree and comfy and finished my 25 miles faster than ever before.
Long story short, I picked up a staple in the tire I just changed. It held out until the morning after the ride tho. I fixed it but it was flat again this morning. I must have messed up the patch. I gotta go try again. I really want to ride in the A.M. (assuming the rain stops. Did I mention that I am SO SICK OF RAIN?!!!!!

06-14-2004, 08:58 PM
Has there been much other than rain and wind in MI.
One thing to do when changing a flat is to run your fingers (carefully) around the interior of your tire.
I am about to leave MI for VA for a week tour of Shenadoah Valley. I haven't had a chance to get psyched yet, but it will hit soon... once the work before a vacation is done. Meeting up with old riding buddies from when we lived in FL.
If anyone read the article on John Sinabaldi (sp) in Bicycling Mag. he was one of my "get up on a Sat. morning and ride inspirations). He may have come out in the article as crusty, sure, no problem...he was great to ride with for the information he had to share on life and cycling!!!
May we all ride into our 90's.

06-14-2004, 09:00 PM
Glad you beat the rain. Too bad you can't send some of that to Arizona--we sure could use the rain! Re. the staple: I picked one up right in front of my house the other day. And here I'd been so concerned about all the glass of the roads. How could anyone ever see and avoid a staple?!
Wishing you better weather and NO FLATS,

06-15-2004, 05:22 AM
I found the staple only after I ran my finger around the inside of the tube. Man was that pin hole small!!!

I did see the Sinibaldi article. What an inspiration. I have a 90 year old guy at my church who still rides. He rides slow and carefully now but he was a real long distance guy into his 80s. That's what I hope for :)