View Full Version : Anyone need a bike for the MS150??

01-20-2007, 09:17 AM
OK, here's the story....and I am sticking to it!!

I bought a Trek 5000 WSD 54 cm to ride in the Tour de Pink last September. I then bought a commuter bike (that I love) and I have not ridden the Trek 5000 since. I have posted it on Craigslist to try and sell it (for around $1500.00). I do not need to sell it, I just never use it (I work 2 jobs). If I do not sell it, I am going to let one very happy woman train and ride it in the MS150. No strings, I just want this bike to be used!!! I feel guilty. I plan on semi-retiring in about 2 years, so if I don't sell it, I will start riding it in 2 years.......sooooo, if there are any interested takers, let me know and I will add your name to the list. I will be picking a name next Saturday, January 27.:D Just PM me if you are interested.

If you crash or hurt yourself, I am asking that I am not held responsible, and in the same vain, if you hurt the bike, I will not hold you responsible. I just want it to be used!!!