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Duck on Wheels
12-17-2006, 06:44 PM
Life with a chronic disease is never boring. Always something new to contend with. The past couple of days I've had some pains that in one sense are like my old hip joint pains from Crohns, but now in a different location. It's in the tendons at the top of my inner thighs. It's like the old hip pains in that it's worst when I get up from bed or a chair. If I keep moving the pain gradually lets up, it's just ("just"!) hard to get moving to begin with and takes quite a bit of moving to warm up. But ... inner thigh tendons? Is this a pain site any of you other Crohnies out there has experience with? Shall I just assume it's the Crohns and deal with it by putting on woolies and going for a hike? Or should I get me to a doctor ASAP?

12-17-2006, 09:10 PM
It's funny, Duck, but I've had pain today in a similar area, though not as bad. I notice it getting in and out of the car when I have to twist my right leg a little. Feels like a groin pull I've had in the past - not a pleasant injury, at all, but this is quite mild.

At least I know what mine is, I think, and it is related to Crohn's for me. I haven't been on Pentasa for very long and on Friday I had my first waxing appointment since I started the treatment. Well, I've known for years that if I take ibuprofen, and thus, any blood thinner, that waxing will cause bruising, and, of course, the Pentasa did not disappoint. I have a very nice little shiner on the crease of my bikini line on the right side. I have this great salve that has arnica in at that I always put on bruises....as I was applying it tonight, I realized that this bruise from the waxing went much deeper than I thought, and is actually the cause of the pain in the leg.

Of course, I've also noticed my veins are all more obvious, I seem to be producing many more spider veins that I had previously, and I have a non-painful new bruise on my arm which may be from the bracelet I wore to the Christmas party. My goodness I will be a mess once mountain biking season starts!

As for your pain, if you don't know what it is, it's probably a good idea to see a doctor. We don't always know what these symptoms mean, and at least a doc should be able to tell you if it's okay to keep moving!!

Let us know what happens!

Hugs and butterflies,

Duck on Wheels
12-18-2006, 07:50 AM
Well, it's pretty definitely inflamed joints in my case just now. It did help, some at any rate, to hike and warm up. Problem was that the pain was linked to the movement of taking steps, where previously it's been linked to turning. Since I could only take slow and small steps, I wasn't able to get really warmed up as I used to by marching straight ahead at increasing speeds. But gradually through the day, being active has helped. My last task today was a meeting with some colleagues on a project. One of them is a GP and she explained that pain in the groin very often comes from the hip joints, which are deeper in the body than we often imagine. Anyway ... I'm still slow and tentative when walking, but not in real pain, more a sort of bruised numbness just now. Hopefully, this flare will be over by morning.

uk elephant
12-18-2006, 08:36 AM
Just an optimistic idea from my recent work-related research......are you taking fish oil supplements? Omega 3 can help aleviate inflammation, and has been particularly helpful for arthritis type problems. You might need to take a bit more than the standard dose of normal capsules, though, but could be worth a try if you're not already doing it. Trick will be finding a balance between enough supplements to have a beneficial effect but not so much as to make you smell fishy all day :rolleyes:

As for warming up the joints...how about trying heat packs for a few minutes before you start walking? or rubbing tiger balm on your hips (perhaps a bit smelly)? BF wraps his broken toe and his broken wrist in a heat pack when it's aching too badly and it seems to help get the circulation going and soothe the pain a bit.

p.s.....see you tomorrow!!! :D

12-20-2006, 04:17 PM

My colitis related joint pain used to move around a lot, even though it's mainly in my hip. Sometimes it would appear in an ankle, or finger joint. Unless you can attribute it to some other trauma, it probably is related to the crohn's. In any case, I hope it goes away soon :)


Duck on Wheels
12-25-2006, 08:31 PM
Latest: The joint pain is pretty definitely from the Crohns, and is easing up while also turning up in new places (fingers). As of tonight I have a theory on why the flare-up of various symptoms these past couple weeks (unearned weight loss, persistent slight nausea, joint pain). I seem to have a plain ol' stomach infection of some sort. Flu, maybe? Either that, or somebody's placed an illegal still in my stomach. [rumble, rumble, burp, eyyewwww!]

12-25-2006, 11:55 PM
Hello, Duck! I'm sorry to hear that you're feeling yucky these days. The joint pain and the GI stuff is not fun, especially not all at once. (why don't they have a green sick looking smilie??)

I know that I've been feeling it because of the season. Too much yummy bad food everywhere!! And so far I'm not sure which foods are intolerable, but I do know that very small portions are a pretty good way to eat, and it's sooooooooo hard to do that when I spent most of today making the turkey and stuffing and mashed potatoes and brussels sprouts and mushrooms - how do I not sample a bit of each of them??? :) And then there's the snack food.....and the fabulous creme brule (there's a chain here called M&M Meats that sells the most amazing pre-made foods.......yummy!)

Yes, I expect I will continue to pay for this through tomorrow, but I hope it is less "expensive" than Saturday night's sampling of meats, cheeses, and a multitude of dips, accompanied by nearly a whole bottle of wine all to myself. :eek: It was a bit too much, indeed!

Anyhooo, not saying that you have such poor self control as I do, but I think it's probably easier to deal with than a flu, so I hope that's what you're experiencing! And, especially, I hope you're over it in no time!

Are you enjoying visiting with family during the holidays?

Take care of you. Hugs and butterflies,

01-01-2007, 10:17 AM
I have this pain too- no doubt from the saddle. I am on saddle #6 & I'm not giving up. I think this ligament is the iliofemoral ligament-- from perineum through crease to thigh. I will have a PT/cyclist friend check this- but phone suggestions included saddle adjustments, oinment, and lots of stretches.

I did come across www.howtostretch.com while Googling.

A chiropractor friend suggested abductor stretches, one is sort of like doing a frog swim while lying on your stomach. When I took karate, we actually had a leg stetcher device & I did find various kind on ebay.

My family doctor, she is also a cyclists, has chosen a Sefas man's saddle because of the narrow nose. I ride a Terry bike & I have tried various Terry saddles but not the right one apparently.

I did fall for the gel seat cover idea. Bad mistake! Apparently, gel covers let your sit bones sink in, which means your perineum / vulvar / private areas have MORE contact with the saddle-- thus more friction & more pressure. After Googling this, I learned that this is a common issue with softer seats, ironically, and the farther & faster you ride, the more you need a firmer seat-- I only wish I had known this earlier!