View Full Version : Mother's day adventure

05-10-2004, 09:51 AM
I live in the suburbs of Detroit (read MOTOR city). There are no bike lanes and no one car pools!

I hit the road for a couple of hours of Mother's day bliss. I'm humming along (happy Mother's day to me...) while riding in a fairly busy road. I get honked at and yelled at to ride on the side walk! I was not hogging lane at all either. So after the THIRD car yelled that to me, I thought...forget it and I got up on the sidewalk. They this lady pulls out of a Lowe's and right into my path. I yell and jump on my brakes. She rolls down her window and explains that she wants to turn!!! I pointed to the 12" wide white line with the big letters S T O P and explain what that means. Ok, carry on. Then is guy walking on the sidewalk strides right down the middle. I am as far to the right as I can get, say excuse me and he will not move, just keeps swinging his arms wider and wider. I had to ride out on this muddy, rutted, glass lined edge.

I finally get to a point where I can ride in a subdivision...all the roads are circles or curves and I get slightly lost. Then I find this really nice park with a bike path. I'm humming along (again) when I come up to this hairpin turn and wiped out on the slick mud!!!!! Two more bikes pass me by without even saying a word. How rude. Oh well the silver cloud was just fine and I only got a couple of bruises. I get to the end and have to figure out where I was. I did make it home without further incident. I gotta find better places to ride!!!