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04-21-2004, 11:22 AM
I noticed Barb was training for the Michigander ride in July. Is anyone else thinking of riding all or part of it?
Is anyone from the Grand Rapids/Kalamazoo area training for summer rides and possibly looking for a weekday training buddy?

04-26-2004, 09:44 AM
I'm not in GR or Kzoo very often, but I'm planning on riding the Kzoo Flowerfest century on July 18 with a buddy of mine...
The Michigander looks like so much fun!! I don't have time to ride it this year, but maybe next year...
My mom and stepdad are riding the Leelanau Harvest Tour in September and I was thinking about joining them (it's on Glen Lake, which is where my family has a cottage).

04-26-2004, 07:00 PM
I'm not riding in it this year. Hopefully next year. I'm in Oakland county so I'm not much use to you anyway! Sorry.

06-29-2004, 12:23 PM
Crash: I'm in Kzoo and need to find more bike people. You can email me, if you want.

11-19-2004, 06:05 AM
Hi I'm Dottie and I am brand new to the forum! I live in Vassar, MI, near Frankenmuth (along the Cass River is a beautiful ride). There aren't many avid cyclists in this area. My husband and I started riding just over 3 years ago and absolutely love it!! It has helped out with the empty nest!! A new hobby that we can share. Would love to start a cycling club here in the thumb. We hope to do more organized rides in the future. We have road bikes, one mountain bike, hybrids, and would love a tandem someday. Also my husband has been looking at recumbants!! Are we fanatics or what?? Our three grown children tell everyone that I am a jock now. Actually, I think they are proud of us and how good a shape we are in!! (Better then them). We are both 50!! Hope to hear from any of you soon! Ride on!

09-21-2005, 08:06 PM
Hi everybody! I'm over here in Muskegon....and I am riding the Musketwa Trail almost daily which reaches to Marne (I haven't gone that far yet but would love to meet up with someone there!).

I'm interested in information on the rides mentioned in the previous comments. I am new to cycling but I know it will be a part of my life forever as it's made a profound impact in a very short time. Generally I ride alone and that's just fine, but I would love to be a part of a real life cycling community in addition to this lovely cyber community that I'm so happy to have found :)

Thanks for any links/info!


09-29-2005, 07:57 AM
It is a bit late in the season, but this calander is printed each spring by The League of Michigan Bicyclists. http://www.lmb.org/pc2005/pc2005.htm Hubby and I have done a few of these rides. They are always fun. Hubby has been working a lot this summer so we havenít done as many this year. My grandson, 12, rode the WOW ride with me this year. Lucky you gals on the west side of the state. You have some great rail trails over there. One of our favorite is the Heart-Montague trail, http://www.traillink.com/TL_Active_Pages/TrailSearch/default.asp?Action=DisplayDetails&ID=334&Trail=Hart%2DMontague+Bicycle+Trail+State+Park&SearchQueryString=Action%3DStateSearch%26Keyword%3D%26State%3DMI%26Activity%3D%26UseOther%3D%26AS%5FSta
mostly for the wonderful homemade pie at Rothbury and the best ice cream I have
ever tasted at the Country Dairy right along the trail just north of New Era. We usually ride the trail one way, spend the night at a hotel and ride back the next day. Hubby rides a recumbent and loves it. Iím still on a wedgie bike. We are both quickly approaching 60 years old and started riding about 3 years ago. It has been a great activity to do together as empty nesters. Once in a while one of our daughterís, her husband and the four grandkids will ride with us. It is a great fun way to spend time together. We are in Shiawassee County, not many trails here, so our local rides are on country roads.