View Full Version : More tandem adventures

03-16-2004, 06:27 AM
I did the Sunday Club ride with Joann, my stoker for the Cinderella ride. On the flats we're easily averaging 21 - 22 miles an hour. We climbed a fairly large, but not steep hill in the big ring and crested at 14. Hit 38 on one of the descents. Everything is going great.

We're cruising along, doing about 18 and I feel Joann's weight shift. Then the bike gets really wobbly. I'm thinking, "Gosh, what's she doing back there? Taking off her jersey." Then I wonder if I've just suddenly gotten REALLY tired. No.... it's a flat front tire. Stopping a tandem is always interesting. Stopping one with a flat can be downright dangerous. I was pleased that I just calmly and carefully brought us to a stop. And that the guys riding with us changed the tire. Yeah, we should have done it ourselves. But after the stop, I was a bit of a flake since I've read on the tandem list about scary front blowouts. As team weights go, we're on the light side at 280 plus the bike. But still that's a lot of weight to stop.