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09-18-2006, 06:52 AM
Texasman Sprint Triathlon
Las Colinas, Texas
United States
80F / 27C

Triathlon - Sprint
Total Time = 1h 49m 2s
Age Group = 30-34
Age Group Rank = 21/24

Pre-Race Routine:
Woke up at 5:00 AM. It was overcast, but no rain- YET! My boyfriend came to pick me up at 5:30 AM, and that is when it started to pour down rain. I still packed up my bike though, in case the rain cleared up for the race.

I ate 2 low-fat waffles, and a bacon (vegetarian)/cheese/bagel. I was loading up since I knew I wouldn't be racing for another 2-3 hours. I also took extra food, in case I got hungry before the race.

Event warm up:
It consisted of standing around seeing if the thunder and lightening was going to leave the area, so we could race.

Once the weather cleared up, we were allowed to get in the water to warm up, but I opted out. I figured I would just get in and do it.

The rain had pretty much stopped at this point, but there were clouds and standing water on the road. My transition area consisted of 2 grocery store bags with my stuff in it. I pretty much had the attitude that I would just do what I could do, and not worry about transition times, etc. I was proud of myself for getting out of the car.

10:03/500 yards/2 minute 01 second per 100 yards
Age Group: 4/24

I jumped into the water when our wave was set to go. SHOCK! It was COLD! the water was COLD! I started to panic a little, as it was hard to catch my breath. This is not like me, as I have never panicked in the water. I quickly told myself to calm down, and I swam around some to get warmed up.

For this race, I positioned myself at the front of the pack. I typically go to the back and the outside, but I have finally come to terms with the fact that I am a fast and solid swimmer. So, in front I went.

The horn went off, and we all started swimming. I was shocked, because I didn't really get hit or kicked. Unfortunately, I started out rather fast, and I quickly had to dial it back some and focus on gliding through the water.

At the second/third buoy, I was tired. Lack of warm up was showing. So, I did some breast stroking and then I got back to freestyle and focused on finishing.

Overall, it was NOT my best swim. My navigation was spot on, but I felt really tired. Still so, I came in 4th out of 24 in my age group, on the swim, so I held my own.

Times that beat mine:

T1- 2:45
Getting out of the water... HURT! I was very dizzy and just felt bad. Not like me at all. So, I grabbed my flip flops by the water exit and walked to my bike so I could get my bearings.

I was not concerned about my transition times. Like I said, my stuff was in plastic bags. I just figured I would do what I could and be OK with whatever happened.

When I got to my stuff, I opted to not put on my socks yet, because I didn't want them wet for the run. So, I rode with no socks. Not a big deal though, and no blisters were formed.

00:57:41 | 18 miles | 18.72 mile/hr
Age Group: 14/24

I started out on the bike and I just felt tired. I ate 2 gel blocks, in hopes of getting some energy in my legs.

The course was 2 loops and I rode my race plan. My plan was to haul butt on the downhill’s and to try to keep a pace that didn't leave me winded. At times I was starting to huff and puff, so I backed off some. I tried to drink when I could remember to, and did a pretty good job of staying on top of it.

After the first loop, I looked at my average, 18 mph, and realized I was going too fast. I needed to save something for the run. So, I tried to back it off some on the 2nd loop. I did an OK job of it, but still kept around a 17.8 mph average.

I'm not sure how they put me going 18+ for my average, but whatever, I will take it! For me, I never break a 16-17 mph average on my training rides. I typically do 15-16. So, anything above 17 mph is impressive for me. I think not stopping really helped to up my average!

The whole time on the bike, I was shocked at how much my butt hurt. OUCH! I think if I had gotten to ride on Friday, it might have been better. I was just looking forward to getting off the bike so I wouldn't be hurting anymore.

At the end, when I made my turn, as planned... I slowed down and coasted until T2. I was cooling down and getting ready for the run. I didn't want a side stitch going into the run.

T2 – 3:27
Did I say that I didn't care about transitions? Well, you can SEE that here! HA!

I put on my shoes and socks and got off my cycling gear. Then off I went. I walked out of T2, until I hit the road with the spectators.

00:34:59 | 03.2 miles | 10m 56s min/mile
Age Group: 21/24

Started walking on the run going out. Then I hit the road with all the spectators, so I ran down the road.

My plan for the run was to simply pick a landmark and run to it, walk, and then pick a landmark and run.... etc. I started my walk/run combo and didn't feel too bad.

About .25 mile into the run, I found a gentleman, John, who was doing the same thing. I pretty much asked if I could run with him, and off we went.

John was my motivator! Let me tell you, he and I kept each other running to our targets. Our pace was even so we did a great job of keeping together. We were able to talk and that was really nice. Made the run go by pretty quick.

I was really proud of myself for running as much as I did. Seeing how I haven't run a mile straight in 5 months, going 3.2 miles with a 11 minute mile pace, is GOOD! Not to mention, in my last tri (April 2006), I ran a 13 minute mile pace, running the entire way.

I also did a good job of keeping my side stitch at bay. It would start to tease me like it would pop up, but I would rub on it and breathe deep, and keep it from flaring up.

John and I hit the final straight away and he said he was going to sprint it, and encouraged me to follow. My boyfriend was on my left yelling at me to keep it up, and John was yelling at me to keep going! Very exciting! The crowd started cheering too! I pumped out what I could as fast as I could. Close to the finish line, I was done for. My side stitch popped up big time, but I ran as fast as I could across the finish line.

I finished knowing that I gave it all I had, and I did the best possible job I could have done.

After crossing the finish line, we got these really awesome finisher towels! I sure needed one too!

Warm down:

Got some water, and then packed it up and went home. I was wet, stank, and hungry. Plus, I wanted a nap and I had homework to do.

Event comments:

Considering what the race planner (Tom Ryan) was up against... rain/thunder/lightening... he did a great job of getting this race to go off. Even though we started late, we still made it happen.

Unfortunately, the Olympic distance was pretty much scratched, since they had to close off the roads to cyclists at a certain time. I am sure some of those racers were pretty upset about this change.

The volunteers were plentiful and I never felt like I didn't know where to turn/go/etc.

Overall, I had a great race, and considering that I hardly trained for the swim, and didn't train at all for the run (due to injuries), I think I did pretty darn good! I was just lucky to be out there. I have no complaints. Sure, if it hadn't rained, that would have been *perfect*, as rain puts me in a foul mood... but the race went off and I was just happy to be racing!

09-18-2006, 07:48 AM
You did awesome, KSH!! :D :D

Your run time really shows your running training through -- better than an 11 minute pace with walking must mean your running was nice and fast.

Congratulations! You did it! :cool:

09-18-2006, 07:54 AM
Awesome Job!!!!!! :d :d :d :d

You Did It And You Did It Well!!!!!

Running Mommy
09-18-2006, 09:57 AM
I'm so happy for you!!!! It sounds like a great race- weather not withstanding of course!!
I just love to read a good race report like that!


09-18-2006, 11:20 AM
Phenomenal! I am *so* glad you got to race this season. :D Loved your "stuff in plastic bags" in transition. I'm always so precise about how I lay it out, and then it just gets thrown around and tossed about when I actually get there. :o Any pictures? You know how we love pictures!

09-18-2006, 12:34 PM
Phenomenal! I am *so* glad you got to race this season. :D Loved your "stuff in plastic bags" in transition. I'm always so precise about how I lay it out, and then it just gets thrown around and tossed about when I actually get there. :o Any pictures? You know how we love pictures!

Yea, the last race of the season. OH well, time to focus on running again!

Pictures... unfortunately, my camera man... was racing! HA!

Your run time really shows your running training through -- better than an 11 minute pace with walking must mean your running was nice and fast.

Like I said... next year is OUR year!

09-18-2006, 01:57 PM
Wow! I'm so impressed with anyone that can do tris. I thought about it once and decided that I hate to swim. I could never figure out the whole breathing thing. At least on the bike I can breath whenever I want!

You are awesome!!!

Tri Girl
09-18-2006, 05:38 PM
KSH, I'm so very proud of you!!! You wanted so badly to do this tri and you did it!!! You should be proud of your outstanding accomplishment! :)
It sounds like you had a really great race, and overall are pleased with your performance. I'm just glad you got one last race in before the season winds down. And you had a run angel- makes it so much nice, huh? Now it's time for off-season and focusing on strength/running. You'll be back and better than ever in the spring! Congrats!!!! :D

09-18-2006, 09:17 PM

CONGRATULATIONS!!! I'm so happy you got to do this! You've been so determined and it sounds like you had a really good race!


09-23-2006, 11:46 AM
Well done KSH!
Not sure how I missed this thread - sorry.

I know little about swim and on-foot sections, but good on you for riding your race plan and not getting phased - and congrats on the time/average! Remember in a race situation our bodies lift our performance level and we usually do better times/speeds than we can do in training...

Well done... awesome race

09-24-2006, 05:28 AM
Thanks for all the kind and positive words... I really do appreciate it ladies!