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  1. who would have thought...
  2. crazy drivers of the two wheeled kind
  3. lessons learned
  4. your first commute to work
  5. Anyone else?
  6. Killer Flirt
  7. crazy Jr. 2 wheeled driver!!
  8. Houston driver
  9. crazy squirrel and dad
  10. Loose trailer
  11. Air Horns works wonders for commuters
  12. City bikers?
  13. Spouse hit by car! First time rider, Loss of biking time.
  14. Ride of Silence
  15. While Not A Crazy Driver Story...
  16. Girly girl skorts make you less of a moving target
  17. frustrating two-wheeled drivers
  18. More harassment
  19. Hit and Run Drivers
  20. My first Encounter with a Car
  21. harassment on the road
  22. Critical Mass
  23. Near Head-on collision yesterday...
  24. advice on avoiding lawsuits
  25. another hit and run
  26. Happy Ending
  27. Racking, fracking drivers!
  28. Run Off The Road
  29. suv w/a trailer vs me!
  30. Drunk Drivers in the Wine Country
  31. close encounter of the 3rd kind!
  32. Grrrrrr
  33. Reading Material
  34. road rage blinds cyclist
  35. Another cyclist killed in San Diego...
  36. ever been chased by a NY taxi??
  37. Ouch!
  38. Why oh why?
  39. Is it worth it to report "close calls"
  40. A Few Seconds Made the Difference This Time
  41. Crazy PEDESTRIAN!
  42. How do you protect yourself?
  43. butt in face
  44. RANT: Bad trucker
  45. Being visible isn't enough
  46. The phone call you don't want to get
  47. Another Bicyclist Killed
  48. Cyclist hit...no driver remorse
  49. The next generation of crazy drivers!
  50. San Francisco: Hit-and-run driver kills bicyclist, 26
  51. Run off the road
  52. Encountered too closely
  53. Someone From My Cycling Club Hit (but ok)
  54. Public Service Safety Annc.
  55. Why the Animosity from Some Drivers?
  56. Really Great Bicycle Safety Document
  57. The finger!
  58. Hit and Killed
  59. Bus Driver Runs Amok
  60. Why Are Drivers So Mean???
  61. Hit & Run Driver Turns Self In
  62. Patronizing Drivers
  63. Let's be careful out there, Shania Twain is driving
  64. Signs of Spring
  65. OT yet OT (on topic) SUV's
  66. Bay Area Cyclists Alert
  67. White van with my imprint on the side
  68. You're In Good Hands On My Road!!
  69. Lexus in the bike lane
  70. Mean drivers suck
  71. Hit & Run Numero Uno
  72. Jerk!
  73. Some courteous drivers ... and one not so.
  74. Be safe out there ...
  75. Truck driver tries to press Anita Valen off the road
  76. Watch out for high speed chases too...
  77. Backing up around the corner?
  78. Dr. Pepper as a weapon
  79. Texting while driving!
  80. Almost Hit by Police Car
  81. Watching softball not the road!
  82. KC cyclist killed
  83. Go Get'em, Susan!!
  84. Local Newspaper Articles
  85. turning from the center lane!
  86. gravel trucks!
  87. Its MY lane!
  88. Garbage Throwers
  89. Firecrackers thrown by drivers!
  90. The finger!
  91. Slinging gravel
  92. South King County drivers (washington state)
  93. We were trespassing, but still...
  94. Distracted Barbie talking & drinking coffee& anticipating green light-MA
  95. from the NYTIMES:
  96. Commuting hazards
  97. commuting hazards continued
  98. and can you imagine.. "fifty people a day" and other flashbacks...
  99. some bitter old man
  100. Drivers in Your Town
  101. Sucky transport trucks
  102. young guy in older japanese car...
  103. I thought the cyclist would be toast!
  104. 3 cyclists clipped in Brisbane Yesterday
  105. The article calls it a "prank".
  106. The Gatorade Man...
  107. People who like to yell at cyclists
  108. from the Seattle Post iNtelligencer
  109. crazy pedestrians
  110. bizarre bikers?
  111. NZ Cyclist hit on purpose
  112. What next???
  113. today's close call
  114. Heartless Cyclist Haters
  115. What I did about it..........
  116. The Flying Mattress
  117. Tragic case of killed cyclist in IL
  118. Playin' Dodgems
  119. Candidate for a Darwin Award
  120. Bad Seattle Drivers GRRRRR
  121. living with cars on the road
  122. What to do about crazy cyclist-driver confrontations?
  123. encounter -- big woman in big van
  124. The Capitals of Crash - how does your city rank?
  125. Bmw= Bad Mother#$%^&&*
  126. Little kids, no supervision
  127. Throwing things
  128. Mercedes Driver kills local cyclist
  129. Do you ever feel like....
  130. I guess they win.
  131. Lunatic in Brooklyn
  132. dumbest dad on a bike
  133. Pedestrian killed by cyclist
  134. Hmm. What's With the Honking???
  135. Really--During the Ride of Silence
  136. Crazy cyclist driver!
  137. Cyclist Punched, Spit on By Driver
  138. Almost a widow..
  139. Not so much the crazy driver...
  140. Encounter of the Good Kind
  141. another motorcycle encounter
  142. Ran off the road
  143. Almost got hit
  144. 10 Comandments for Drivers
  145. Handling Yourself in Traffic
  146. Grrrrrrr!!!
  147. Another Close Call
  148. crazy bus driver
  149. You slowed down just to flip the bird???
  150. New Zealand cyclists hit by a teen driver
  151. I thought I was a car
  152. Clueless nut on a scooter
  153. grabbing handlebars of bike- from a car!
  154. Crazy Runner!
  155. bikes aren't the only ones...
  156. how to ride with kids in traffic
  157. haters
  158. Raleighdon's morning commute!!!!
  159. Bike Lane Magic
  160. Driver kills two more
  161. Too close for comfort
  162. Shaking My Confidence
  163. Go ahead. Make my day.
  164. another really bright driver
  165. Silly cager, bike lanes are for bikes!
  166. Cager clarification
  167. Farmers ask for ordinance against bicycling on roads
  168. It's not all roses in the Emerald City!!!
  169. The Cycling world's lost another young star
  170. Just sickening
  171. Even more sickening
  172. Getting over fear after getting hit
  173. Hit & Run In Perth(no not me!)
  174. Even Police can be crazy drivers
  175. "I thought I might..."
  176. How aware are you??
  177. Wow, I've seen it all
  178. Driver Saw Me, Then Hit Me
  179. Today's near miss
  180. Good Drivers
  181. maybe I'm looking a little too comfortable?
  182. How horrible...
  183. Driver hit bicyclist with gun
  184. Another senseless incident
  185. Another Cyclist Hit
  186. Another car hitting cyclists - this time, it's me!
  187. Calling the Cops on Me?!
  188. Flying objects...
  189. Are we really that provocative?
  190. Another complete loser
  191. My commuting partner got taken out.
  192. Road jerks
  193. Statistical evidence for stupid drivers
  194. 50 Cyclist taken out by driver
  195. Hit by a car...
  196. Matamoros-Playa Bagdad
  197. 1 killed at Mexican bike race
  198. Another Cyclist Killed
  199. Only in L.A. ...
  200. One killed, one injured
  201. This time it wasn't the car's fault
  202. NZ Police Traffic boss killed while cycling home
  203. Two Cyclists Cling to Life; Teen Accused of DUI
  204. I wish I could of gotten a license plate number
  205. Warning, a little gory. LA Dr. uses road rage vs. Cyclists
  206. I yelled at some cyclists!
  207. man beaten by motorists (not cycling!)
  208. 10 cyclists hurt in accident in Perth
  209. Oregon Crazy Driver
  210. Roundabouts
  211. bad bicyclist
  212. Crazy Driver Tries to Kill My Teammate
  213. Bike as getaway vehicle? Maybe not such a good idea.
  214. Arkansas cyclist critically injured
  215. Just had to sign a condolence card....
  216. Good driver experience! :)
  217. Miami cabdriver hits 11 cyclists
  218. Do motorists not look before they back out?
  219. And a few crazy cyclists ...
  220. Hit and Run caught on tape
  221. Hit and Run in Minneapolis
  222. Cyclist & bus collide in Melbourne
  223. Crazy (that these two were) drivers
  224. Intentionally swerved at...
  225. How annoying...
  226. Didn't get flattened today
  227. intoxicated cyclist
  228. Tourist's Australian cycle journey ruined by a bottle
  229. road under construction, impatient SUV
  230. girls on bikes
  231. True or False: "I am a better driver, because I ride"
  232. crazy, rabid cyclist.
  233. Near miss with a garbage truck
  234. Meanwhile, in Wisconsin
  235. a mere second away from becoming pancake
  236. Inches
  237. random observations lately
  238. Almost sideswiped by a... Miata
  239. almost became a hood ornament
  240. POWC2C cyclist hit
  241. Taxi cabs in NYC
  242. sigh.. bicyclists hit by blow darts...
  243. Not someone I knew...
  244. Vancouver, WA Cyclist Fatal Victim of Hit & Run
  245. Two Triathletes hit in August.
  246. Hit by car three days before my first 100k
  247. What is wrong with drivers round the world?!!!!
  248. Hit today - not sure where to go from here...
  249. Hit by a car biking - now what?
  250. hit and run, assault *and* kidnapping!