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  1. Warning About Cut-Outs
  2. the one that came on my little trek road bike
  3. Terry Butterfly
  4. Terry Damselfly
  5. Specialized Body Geometry!
  6. Trying Terry Butterfly
  7. Selle Italia
  8. how long to give a new saddle before you pitch it?
  9. Hey DeniseGoldberg... I'm trying the Fizik
  10. Owey...owey...owey.... My poor heiny :(
  11. WTB vs a Specialized
  12. your bike or your love life
  13. one woman's butt killer...
  14. Saddle delimma
  15. Koobi SI Classic Gel...OUCH!
  16. Fizik Rondine - Ouch!
  17. The Jett by Specialized
  18. Selle San Marco Lady Nelson
  19. burning...numb feet
  20. Fizik Arione
  21. Liberator headed back
  22. Saddle width issue??? Need ideas
  23. Donna Butterfly?
  24. Brooks Womens B17
  25. Sensitive private parts
  26. Measuring sit bones?
  27. help me find the right saddle, please?
  28. Jet? What were they thinking!
  29. Aspide Glamour Arrowhead
  30. What should I consider when looking for a saddle?
  31. Looking for a Saddle
  32. Specialized Romin
  33. Saddle swap thread
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