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  1. Avocet O2air
  2. Terry Chubby Cheeks
  3. Terry Butterfly
  4. Specialized Women Specific Pro Comp
  5. Brooks Womens Leather
  6. Bontrager Julie Furtado Race Day
  7. Specialized Women's Body Geometry Comp
  8. Selle Italia Trans Am
  9. Terry Ti Race Liberator
  10. Terry Liberator
  11. Giro Vitesse
  12. Serfas Tailbones
  13. Serfas
  14. Fizik Vitesse Twin Tech
  15. Another vote for Avocet Womens Air O2
  16. Bontrager FS 2000 WSD
  17. Wylder Juliana
  18. finding the right saddle
  19. saddles to try: road and mountain
  20. Saddle/pressure relief
  21. Terry Damselfy
  22. Help needed
  23. Tandem Saddle Sore!
  24. Saddle Swap?
  25. T-Flex seat
  26. Specalized saddles
  27. Wylder saddle on closeout...
  28. New saddle called a Flow... question
  29. Saddle Dilemmma
  30. Body Geometry - Dolce
  31. need seat/shoe advice
  32. Love the Damselfly but steep climbs are painful...
  33. am i crazy?
  34. Proper saddle fit
  35. new here
  36. Fluid or Mag?
  37. Saddles: Liberator Race vs. Butterfly vs. San Marco vs. Selle Italia
  38. Saddles: Liberator Race vs. Butterfly vs. San Marco vs. Selle Italia
  39. Performance Women's Contour Saddle
  40. Avocet 02 Ti Super Anatomic
  41. I like the men's Selle Italia Flite Gel
  42. What if you're not slim, trim and athletic?
  43. Koobi Pursuit Saddle?
  44. Cover worn bike seat
  45. Selle Italia Ldy saddle
  46. Brooks Saddles
  47. Georgie Wins
  48. Fizik Vitesse
  49. Selle Italia Lady saddle with cut out?
  50. Bicycle Seats Explained
  51. Firefly anyone?
  52. Saddle up!
  53. A question about cut-outs that's probably been asked before
  54. Your measurements?
  55. I'm still looking -- Terry saddles?
  56. Saddle-sadness one more time
  57. Hello! please help with saddles for very long tour!!
  58. Tri saddles...need help!
  59. MTB newbie looking for saddle help!
  60. seekin comfy saddle for hybrid/fitness
  61. Loving my Men's Selle Italia ProLink Gel
  62. Brooks saddle report and ischial tuberosity question
  63. saddle or shorts?
  64. selle san marco aero
  65. Need help with selecting a new saddle..
  66. Saddle woes
  67. Terry Butterfly TI
  68. Saddle pain was gone, now it's back
  69. Anyone familiar with the Selle Royal saddles?
  70. New saddle adjustment
  71. Carbon
  72. Saw this on Road Bike Review....
  73. Shopping Sickness
  74. E3 Form saddle users?
  75. Road to Hybrid: saddle?
  76. Serfas?
  77. How do you know when to get a new saddle?
  78. WTB Speed She Saddle-
  79. SK, I asked for that wacky, droopy saddle for
  80. Terry Ti Butterfly
  81. Butterfly with skinnier nose?
  82. Terry Zero X ??? anybody???
  83. help finding comfy saddle for cool road bike
  84. A Very Happy Tushie
  85. Saddle Sore & Desperate
  86. So, what saddles do folks like on their mtbs?
  87. Another very happy tushie. Could this be saddle Nirvana?
  88. Anyone try New Terry Saddle Falcon X?
  89. fizek rondine---anyone know this one?
  90. Help!
  91. Selle Bassano Stylus ??
  92. Ordering a brooks...
  93. saddles everywhere but my butt still hurts
  94. Joshua Cohen's article about women & saddles
  95. Selle SMP TRK Ladies saddle
  96. The Jett by Specialized
  97. SA Saddle
  98. Serfas Terrazzo Women's Select
  99. saddle for wide sit-bones?
  100. Fizik Rondine Vitesse on Pave
  101. Selle San Marco Aspide Glamour??
  102. Anyone tried Selle SMP Strike Pro or TRK
  103. Vitesse Vs Aliante
  104. Velo Plush?
  105. A saddle that fits feels like...
  106. Saddle issue solved for me???
  107. tri specific?
  108. SSM Lady Nelson??
  109. Selle Italia SLR Gel Flow (2006)
  110. Saddles for wind training
  111. Help w/saddle decision
  112. question for fizik vitesse users--Nanci, Denise G., etc.
  113. Non-traditional or alternative saddles--anyone tried them?
  114. breaking in a new saddle
  115. Article about Leather Saddles - Sheldon Brown
  116. Anyone have a honey-colored Brooks?
  117. New brooks Vs old brooks
  118. Newbie saddle woes
  119. Brooks Team Pro
  120. Brooks Finesse
  121. Terry Saddle with Narrower Nose?
  122. WTB Deva
  123. D.I.Y. Brooks "surgery"
  124. Too many choices!
  125. brooks on ebay!
  126. Saddle Swap sticky thread?
  127. Tired of Trying Saddles! Want to find the ONE
  128. Crotch issue
  129. Serfas Cassina feedback
  130. Serfas Saddles
  131. Selle Italia or Terry Butterfly
  132. After spending more time in the saddle...
  133. extreme butt soreness after ms150
  134. Luv my Selle An-Atomica
  135. WTB saddles
  136. Specialized BG2 Sport Womens Saddle
  137. Feedback on Terry Damselfly / FireFly
  138. saddles with cut out
  139. recommended saddle for hybrid?
  140. Rec's please: under $50, best for wide hips/pelvis
  141. Selle An-Anatomica Titanico review
  142. my saddle search
  143. Anyone tried the Selle San Marco SKN pro?
  144. Pain with the Brooks
  145. terry butterfly tri saddle
  146. Yet Another "Help me find the right one" thread
  147. Update on soreness
  148. 816 miles on my Brooks Finesse........
  149. Terry Liberator X
  150. Brooks B68 and B68S
  151. Jett vs. Ariel SL Specialized saddles
  152. Selle SMP Strike
  153. Brooks B17 "N" or Selle An-atomica
  154. Brooks Saddles
  155. Vitesse HP (newly redesigned saddle)
  156. New saddle: Terry Zero X
  157. First ride on my Brooks B17, ouch.
  158. Bontrager WSD Race X-Lite
  159. Update on my B67
  160. Selle An-Atomica issue
  161. Does anyone have a B-18?
  162. More sit bone questions
  163. Terry Falcon x vs Terry Zero X?
  164. Vitesse HP vs Vitesse Tri vs Blackwell Flow?
  165. Thwarted! (Brooks whine)
  166. Where does it go? I need help...
  167. Should I do it sight unseen?
  168. Vitesse HP or SSM Aspide Glamour?
  169. Anyone use a Brooks for Racing?
  170. thinking about a lighter saddle
  171. Post a Picture of Your Brooks and Bike
  172. Jett 130 and Zero and sit bone LUMP
  173. Jett 155 vs Jett 135
  174. selle italia max flite gel flow?
  175. Koobi AU Enduro
  176. Kona and Brooks! Hot dog!
  177. Searching for comfortable saddle
  178. Selle Italia SLK Lady Gel Flow
  179. Selle An-Atomica vs. Brooks
  180. Brooks adjustment?
  181. yet another strange saddle!
  182. SSM Aspide Glamour Wins!
  183. Brooks B67s/ Roadwork
  184. totally overwhelmed....
  185. Leather + Carbon Fiber...
  186. ready!
  187. Brooks B72
  188. Selle SMP Strike TRK Lady Saddle
  189. Specialized Toupe?
  190. E3 Form Saddle
  191. Seat bones
  192. New Selle San Marco-great saddle
  193. New saddle I love
  194. Bontrager Race X Lite FIT CRZ+
  195. Allay saddle
  196. Specialized Sonoma 175mm?
  197. A moment of mourning for the old Zero X... hello Brooks?
  198. A non-leather Brooks B68 workalike?
  199. Specialized Jett vs. Ruby?
  200. saddle hunting: have I got this about right?
  201. interesting saddle design
  202. Hmmm, Brooks B72 or B68?
  203. Brooks B18 on a road bike?
  204. Terry Falcon?
  205. Brooks Saddle? Yes! But I need help!
  206. Help me find a saddle, please!
  207. speaking of which: sitbone numbness
  208. Forte Women's Contour Saddle Question
  209. found it! Terry butterfly ti
  210. about to buy a new saddle - thank you everyone
  211. Fizik Vitesse
  212. selle san marco regal
  213. MoonSaddle
  214. Terry saddles Liberator/Butterfly etc
  215. Next!
  216. my brooks is getting a cutout!
  217. Jett vs Lithia vs Terry Liberator
  218. specialized avatar
  219. Like the Jett but with a Narrower Nose?
  220. Selle SLR Diva Gel Flow????
  221. Saddle help for new bike
  222. Saddle Review: Selle Italia Shiver Gelflow
  223. HELP!! Struggles with saddles...
  224. Bontrager women's Inform saddles now available
  225. New Seat Post, New Saddle?
  226. Specialized tritip?
  227. Saddle Fit: Tests, Tips, and Tricks
  228. Butterfly vs Damselfly
  229. SSM "Superleggera", anyone?
  230. Selle San Marco Aspide Glamour
  231. Brooks family
  232. Jett girls, how do you do it?
  233. SI Signo or Prolink light gel
  234. Fizik Arione
  235. Padded saddle life
  236. My Brooks is broken!
  237. B68 in Honey color discontinued =8-(
  238. Anyone here like the Selle-Anatomica
  239. New Model of SMP Saddle
  240. saddle help for "full" girly bits
  241. Nice update to the SSM Aspide Glamour
  242. Charge Ladle - Comfy Bargain
  243. List of T/Pear shaped saddles? Don't know what I have
  244. Selle San Marco Mantra - any experience?
  245. Brooks still isn't broken in...
  246. I like the Windie XC, how about a Jett?
  247. Selle San Marco Mantra - I think it is the one
  248. Specialized Jett 143
  249. Brooks B17 or B68?
  250. Selle Royal Lookin